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NBA is the most loving couple low-key exposure sweet seckill Kobe Vanessa forever heart! Billups 04 years finals classic moments recalled Tencent sports September 9th Shanghai (reporter Wang Liyuan) mentioned in the NBA model couple, who will you think of the first? Is Kobe and Vanessa? Is James and Savannah? Or curry and Ndiaye Shakespeare? Billups, a model couple, they are both the most famous model couple in NBA. Some of them at first sight, some even Shenxianjuanlv like some childhood sweetheart. But you know what? In fact, in NBA, a pair of known as the "model couple represents" couples are rarely mentioned is that fans, NBA legend, NBA championship finals MVP, Chauncey Billups and his wife Piper Billups. On the second day of the Billups super Penguin basketball masters in Shanghai, the two of them went hand in hand for the perfect interpretation of the accompanying staff as "low-key sweet" ()". They will hold each other’s hand while crossing the road in full for each other when eating dishes in the mall will be carefully selected for each other for each other’s goods, even in the scenic spots when using a mobile phone secretly took the other interesting exaggerated way. The couple are filled with every word and action behavior, the most strong love, their souls are not fit, see you can never understand. Chauncey Piper and his wife, who was born in Denver, 1993, was only 17 years old when Chauncey George Washington high school meets Piper for the first time, the seed of love quietly in his heart was sown. In 2000, Chang Xi and Piper ended 7 years of love, formally married. And Billups and practical style, the couple two people daily in life is very low-key, they don’t like it’s kebike science on the social networking site Po map high-profile show of affection, but not as fancy as Kuliku’s dog abuse does not stop, they just like above said that, with the most essential and the most simple the way to support the care for each other. In 2006, Billups gave up his dream of joining the dream team for his wife and children. You know, this is the pursuit of the life of the west, he had hoped in his career in 2006, in one fell swoop to realize this dream. It was hard for him to decide how difficult it was for him, but he did it for the sake of his beloved wife. "It was a tough decision to opt out because I wanted to be part of the world championships and make a contribution to my country." Chauncey said, "I think I can help the team, but I have to make a commitment to my wife, I don’t want to make a promise and then deny in succession husband. This is really a decision to make me regret, I very much hope to be able to spend the summer with those teammates around 2006." This is the couple of Billups, until today, they have their own way low-key love each other for 23 years. They love chastity, but there is no doubt that this kind of love is no less. Even in a sense, for those who have lived in Vanity Fair, they are such a marriage of love.相关的主题文章: