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Giroux: Wenger let me vent injured again so next year leave [collection] Arsenal win 4-1 Sunderland Sampras Giroux each scored two of the Tencent in November 9th sports news recently for a period of time, the French striker Giroux in the Wenger account in time is very limited, according to the "sun" news, in an interview with France "team" interview, Giroux expressed their dissatisfaction, he revealed himself and Wenger exchanges, and Giroux hinted that the end of the season, he may leave. Lu Lu dissatisfied with the bench from the data point of view, since joining Arsenal, Lu Lu has made a good contribution to the team, he played a total of 191 appearances on behalf of Arsenal, scoring 85 goals. Last season, he made 53 appearances and scored 24 goals. However, since the start of the new season, Wenger picked the starting center Sanchez, Giroux time only, according to statistics, in the Premier League before the 11 round of the French, just 5 appearances, scoring 2 goals, and his first number is 0 times, 97 minutes, there is no doubt that people have lost Wenger trust. Although the toe injury affects Giroux for the main, but he still has some complaints, in an interview with the "team", the French striker said, "I can see his future at Arsenal, that is until the end of the contract. I feel good here, but I also want to play longer on the highest level. I will not lie, sometimes I will be very disappointed, I am not satisfied with their situation, but the coach also know that he is the choice of the people." "I haven’t had knocked on the offices of the club, but as you will see, I do not worry, my time will come. He will always support me when I am in trouble. I will fight for their position, this is the story of my football career, the football world is always changing. I’m not the kind of player who gives up on giving up. Even if I don’t play at all, I still believe that the coach will use me and I will make an assessment after the end of the season." Giroux also pointed out that in September, when Arsenal challenge Paris’s Champions League before the game, he once thought he would start, but Wenger made the decision to let him off the bench, "I thought I could start, because three days ago against Southampton, the coach let me off the bench, but I was wrong. It was at that moment that I had a discussion with him on the morning of the game against Paris and he said I would be back soon. But to be honest, I was hurt and I was disappointed." (Brooke)相关的主题文章: