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Liu Xuan sweet youth lively   Paris spring and summer romance — Jiangsu windows — original title: Liu Xuan sweet youth lively Paris high school romance Paris fashion week is like a raging fire, the spring and summer of 2017 big show in the afternoon of October 2nd Paris time Liu Xuan dressed in a black and white striped high profile Galliano winter sweater appeared John Galliano, according to Vivienne Westwood show with controversy, the return line of the sweet beauty of simple collocation easily wear a Paris girl and a sense of elegance, a white skirt and a short cut, meatball head young and lively, people suddenly feel Hepburn reproduction. John Galliano2017 spring show is full of romantic feelings, while wearing animal masks with little childlike innocence, this season to break the vulgar stereotypes, fusion high lace, gauze, silk, romantic, let a person feel the clothing designer sincere soul under flow. The John Galliano show in Paris a high school in Liu Xuan, after entering the campus to see the sculpture and the small garden in the best of spirits said he will leave a shadow. The air flow in the atmosphere of youth, beauty looks sweet with a smile, in the cold autumn Paris people feel the warmth. As the Olympic champion the transformation of entertainment of the first person, Liu Xuan is currently the only one on the international fashion week stage Olympic champions, whether the former arena or today’s entertainment, business, beauty bold attempts and breakthroughs never stop, whether the neutral suit or the personal independence of conduct romantic sweet wind, song of Liu Xuan on Fashion Week show individuality and innovation spirit accentuates the fashion week tour continues to hold, to learn and appreciate fashion mentality of Liu Xuan, continuing his champion temperament, also will bring us what kind of surprise, it is worth looking forward to. (commissioning editor Zhang Xin and Tang Lu)相关的主题文章: