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Japanese scholars: vacant housing has become a social problem in Japan   China vigilance – Property – people.com.cn fourteenth trilateral symposium held in Shaanxi Hancheng housing. People.com.cn Wu Zhenguo photo people.com.cn October 14 Hancheng Xinhua (Wu Zhenguo) 12 – 14, the fourteenth trilateral symposium held in Shaanxi Hancheng housing problems. From China, Japan and South Korea’s 3 city, housing construction, experts and scholars gathered on the protection and renewal of old housing renovation, idle utilization, old residential renovation and regeneration of historic buildings protection and development of a series of problems such as the depth of academic research. South Korea is the East Asian City Association Seminar and housing and academic exchange platform, by Chinese Real Estate Association, Japan, South Korea to live welfare housing environment institute hosted three institutions. It is reported that the seminar held once a year, 3 countries take turns to host the identity of the host, has been successfully held the 13 session. According to the organizing committee arrangements, the seminar held in the area of ecological civilization and regional regeneration, divided into urban renewal, historical protection, green (standards, technology, materials) 3 topics to discuss. Each group of experts were invited to discuss topics in Japan and South Korea in the field of his keynote speech, and set the AC link. In the urban renewal seminar topics, vice president of the Japan Institute of housing and welfare, the University of Japan, Professor of special appointment of the University of welfare for a long time to make a speech on the transformation and regeneration of vacant housing in japan. He suggested that in the current Japan, a huge number of vacant residential has become a serious social problem in japan. According to the theme of the long mouth of the theme of the speech, with the Japanese population continues to decline and the decline in the number of families, the demand for housing in the Japanese society is also further down. According to his definition, Japan can be divided into vacant residential housing or not, the value of housing assets, whether it can be used to deal with several different categories. He provided the data show that the total number of Japanese housing about 60 million 600 thousand households, far beyond the number of 52 million 500 thousand Japanese families. According to statistics provided by Japanese scholars show that in 2013 the number of vacant houses in Japan about 8 million 200 thousand households, is expected in the next 10 years in 2023, this figure will reach up to 14 million. If the clock again after 10 years to 2033, the number of vacant houses in Japan Society will reach an astonishing 20 million! The data also show that Japan’s total residential circulation households housing stock accounted for 14.7% in 2013, and this number compared to Europe and other countries, "the proportion is very low". Japanese scholar Noguchi Joku said that a large number of idle housing caused by waste of resources, has risen to one of the serious social problems in japan. Noguchi Joku told reporters in an exclusive interview with the gap between the Forum revealed that the 70-80 of the last century, when Japan’s economic development is relatively good, the construction of a large number of residential buildings. "At that time, the population growth is relatively good, the population growth period. At that time, aging is not as serious as it is now." He said that at that time the Japanese economy is in a period of rapid growth, the house相关的主题文章: