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Grievous news! The main gate Barcelona won the praise of the black horse injured lacks the competitive sports news Wong Pui – Sohu! Barcelona main iron gate injured lacks horses competing   in the upcoming game against Barcelona Jingzhi horse, ushered in a bad news. In yesterday’s training, a sprained ligament Barcelona main left defender Umm Titi left knee. Barcelona officials confirmed that Umm Titi could not play against Ma Jing, but did not disclose how long he needs to rest. Daily sports newspaper, said Umm Titi will rest for about two weeks. Rest for two weeks? Umm Titi will miss the next four games for Basa. In the league, Umm Titi will be against Atletico, Gijon and Viggo celta. In the Champions League, Umm Titi will also miss the Barcelona next week in the battle with the Monchengladbach. FIFA match of the day is the beginning of the October, Umm Titi on behalf of the next Barcelona, at least until October 15th when the Barcelona home court against La Coruna. In Barcelona, Umm Titi was hailed as the "new media Catalonia abidal". The two are all from Lyon, all left centre back full back. Umm Titi quickly adapted to Barcelona, he defeated Mascherano and Mathieu in the team competition, and become the main partner Peake. In view of Umm Titi Abidal future achievement, will be higher than his, he even the French children known as "black Beckenbauer". "Umm Titi can be a black Beckenbauer at Barcelona, and I’m surprised that he’s in barcelona. He did not waste any time, into the Barcelona philosophy and system. It took me six months to get in, and it was a lot longer." Abidal said, "his ball ability is very good, but also to face any kind of forward. In Lyon, he did a great job. I believe that as time goes by, he will be much better than me." (Ding Wu)相关的主题文章: