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Movie king! The water God fell behind his escape penalty + this is Pepe red card? Sohu   sports; Ramos escaped penalty Zidane led the club tied the creation of Guardiola in the 2010-2011 season of the Spanish league history winning streak. But what if Real Madrid is 10 on the road? You will get 3 points? In fact the game Real Madrid captain Ramos restricted hand ball foul escaped a red card. The game only 3 minutes, Real Madrid captain in the backcourt to complete a rough Feichan, the referee quickly booked. And in twenty-fifth minutes, the other in front of the restricted area to complete a strong door, Ramos was clutching his face fell to the ground, and then touched his head, the referee immediately stopped the game. At this time more than the Spanish players to protest the referee’s penalty, replays showed that Ramos was in the block when the ball is shot, playing in his hand, but in order to foul by the referee, the captain is clutching his face fell, but the lack of action to protect the head of the floor, then fell back is really the referee is deceived by Ramos’s realistic acting. If the referee can correct penalty, Ramos is likely to have a second yellow card was sent off, and when Real Madrid and Spain the score is 0-0, the 10 men are hard to beat Real Madrid parrot legion. The Madrid media after the match without justifying, Ramos bluntly should eat second yellow cards. This is cheating way to escape the foul things, Pepe has done the 2011-2012 season, when in Getafe game, other players once Pepe was shot by hand, but the Portuguese who fell behind his iron, the referee was cheated by Pepe’s acting, no penalty. The Spaniard Jose Flores said in an interview: "I’d like to talk about my work, I don’t want to find an excuse for losing what. We played well and played very well, but it was obviously not on our side." (Bourbon)相关的主题文章: