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Knife [exchange] soccer SMG recommended: the Royal Society’s difficult Nai promoted promoted, especially for the first time to upgrade the championship, their games are generally difficult because of spinach, their knowledge is limited, which relates to the team’s own situation, team, team positioning and many other issues, but also do not dig or untraceable to gain. A La Liga match today, the Royal Society of Eli Gane J is the first visit to upgrade the Spanish team. Eli Gane J from the Southern District of Madrid, founded in 1928, long-term combat in the Madrid region regional league, 1993 was the first to the second division last season, Dikaigaozou, go all the way, eventually ranked second division second, for the first time to upgrade the spanish. The team to upgrade the road that rely on a defensive play out, beginning in La Liga, will not give up this powerful weapon, the first round of the new season, Eli Gane J will give fans a surprise guest – 1 to 0 victory over the last season, the good performance of CELTA, harvest the team history first Xi a victory, the second round draw is more powerful Ma Jing, but then the performance of ups and downs, home court has so far failed to win three victories at all to the last two games all lose, a guest 0 than 4 by the Malaga massacre. As in the traditional Spanish team upstream of the Royal Society, so far this season, the performance of law-abiding, recently won all three home court, after two before the new season away three points, the last three away scoreless, the last game 3 to 0 win over newly promoted Ma Alves home court. William: 2.60 3 2.50 compared to compensate the generalized strength, low Leganes royal society two files, the disk win odds slightly Tao open. The current fundamentals, the performance is better than the home team, although losing streak away, but also the home court losing streak, almost no tension in the shunt ability is extremely limited in the background, to open win odds against Tao, the Royal Society, Leganes expected to secure without losing the main field. More color information and recommendations, please pay attention to the knife sinks App view. Recommended: the home team unbeaten (knife sinks)相关的主题文章: