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The opera "Fang Zhimin" National Day gift – Beijing tells Chester mentality of Beijing Beijing on 12 September, in human terms (reporter Gao Kai) September 12th, the opera "Fang Zhimin" creative here to participate in the press conference, the two round of the upcoming National Day staged opera adapted from the human point of view about who will focus on spiritual, creative on the surface, will avoid the heroic deeds of about". 80 years ago, the Chinese workers’ and peasants’ Red Army Long March victory, which is a great feat in the history of the Chinese revolution, Fang Zhimin, is this in the history of China left a deep footprint of the revolutionary martyrs. Fang Zhimin is not only a proletarian revolutionary, is an accomplished poet. He is in the beginning of the long march of the Red Army, as China spearhead against Japan Red Army Military Committee Chairman, but unfortunately in jail in March on the road. The bars, he wrote "lovely Chinese" "poor" and other immortal masterpieces. In 2015, the National Grand Theater launched the revolutionary history theme of the original opera "Fang Zhimin", in the play, Fang Zhimin and the military director Hu Yi in prison contest as the main line, with the manuscript in prison and had written "lovely" and other Chinese process as the main content, a reflection of his great patriotic spirit and firm the ideal of communism. The opera "Fang Zhimin" by the National Grand Theater to join the famous composer Meng Weidong, screenwriter Feng Baiming, Feng Bilie, director Liu Xianghong, stage designer Takahiro Jian, Chen Tongxun and other top fashion design creative team took three years to build. After the first round of the show, the industry and the parties have been harvested. Since the premiere, the National Theatre and the creative team after several rounds of discussion, many aspects of the play of the depth of polish. The composer Meng Weidong created a new theme song gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind "azalea", this is the second half of the seventh song, sung by Fang Zhimin’s wife Miu Min. Miu Min was arrested, in prison, suffered devastation of torture, but her unwavering revolutionary will. The arias borrowed "azalea" image expresses Miu Min "fire rebirth especially red" heroic feelings, also expressed a revolution in the future life of the beautiful imagination of children. It is reported that this aria of creation, the creative team has discussed the draft revised seven, to ensure the quality of excellence of the original opera. Liao Xianghong, director, said: "unlike other martyrs, Fang Zhimin is not only a military strategist, but also a poet. He wrote the article has a strong literary nature, more suitable for opera performance, but also more likely to resonate with the audience. The opera must have both literary beauty and artistic beauty. At the same time, in the current round of rehearsal, we by Fang Zhimin and his comrades, relatives, enemies of the scenes, more delicate depiction of Fang Zhimin’s heart, let the audience see not only a distant hero, but a true to life Fang Zhimin." With the National Theatre conductor Zhang Yi has always been a close cooperation, and cooperation with the National Theatre Opera Orchestra is the first time. He said: "after reading music in the opera’s music has a strong dramatic and local characteristics, very touching, and several Arias is very easy to sing." Zhang Yi said相关的主题文章: