Men and women are innocent! Olympic golf players through the doping test-helmet怎么读

Men and women are innocent! The Olympic golf all through doping Olympic golfer Pupe sina sports news Beijing time on November 4th, according to the International Golf Federation released the results of the Olympic Games, men’s and women’s golf project, no doping problem occurred. Overall, from the beginning of May 6th to the end of the Olympic Games in August 21st, two projects a total of 197 people were detected, the man of 98, a woman of 99. The International Golf Federation has tested 124 people, and the International Olympic Committee has detected a total of 47 people, and the national Anti Doping Agency (US Anti Doping Agency testing US athletes) has overseen the detection of a total of 26 people. Last month, the World Anti Doping Agency released a report saying that there were "serious flaws" in the testing of all sports during the games". According to the Russian hacker organization "singular bear" broke the news, the Olympic men’s gold medalist Justin Ross Golf – prednisone anti-inflammatory drugs act. According to the World Anti Doping Agency, during the Olympic Games, the number of people tested than the agency plans to reduce the number of 500 people, mainly because of the supervision of people without training, no experience caused by. Related reading: Ross due to doping on the "news broadcast" gold medalist argued that his innocent hacked the World Anti Doping Agency Ross et al medical data exposure Stenson ridicule doping drug may help to test golf Finchem to golf at the Olympics 2020 team joined (small)相关的主题文章: