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"Riding addiction" 13 symptoms, how many of you? Sohu will focus on a key concern love sports riding riding enthusiasts base, share a variety of mountain bike brand experience, including mountain car brand, price, maintenance skills, technical skills, analytical explanation, riding parts, experience, etc. the classic cycling route information, we have been on the road! 1 just riding, thinking about the next ride. 2 a day without riding will feel uneasy, always feel missing something! 3 on the arm, thigh, there are 5 sun drying sun marks left in the pockets of the energy rods are spent in the savings of the items related to riding on the 4. 6 the expectation of cycling is far more than anything else. 7 car must be within the range of sight, others will not touch the rub will be distressed. 8 pay attention to the street, look at the eyes of the bike, rather than good things 9 more attention to cycling information 10 your room is surrounded by bicycle related items. 11 mobile phones, computer wallpaper are linked with the ride, even the phone shell is also. 12 draw their favorite things simply can not stop the 13 to broaden your clothes in order to adapt to the space of your riding equipment… What are some of the addiction to riding? This article from the network, we are committed to the promotion of authority, professional knowledge, such as the impact of the original rights, please contact the editor, we will delete the first time riding enthusiasts will pay close attention to this account can enter the mobile phone the most popular bicycle riding bicycle riding hobby forums and more friends exchanges! Long press the two-dimensional code point below the identification of the two-dimensional code can be concerned about相关的主题文章: