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Molina said no Knight persistence! Don’t give up retired behind Erwin was not willing to cut the small black hole Knight sina sports news Beijing time on September 3rd, according to the "Cleveland daily" reported to the Cleveland Cavaliers, not at the end of the day to cut Mo Williams, US media believe that the knight of Mo will continue to battle NBA suspicious attitude. The knight can in the local time August 31st cut the small, and in the next 3 years, the "deferred payment to pay him $2 million 200 thousand next season remaining, to allow the team to pay less millions of dollars of luxury tax, but they eventually did not do so. However, according to informed sources, the Cavaliers are still 33 year old Mo Mo will continue to campaign for the 2016-17 season is highly skeptical. On Saturday, there have been a number of sources that Mo Zheng seriously consider whether to retire. The news also reached the ears of the Cavaliers through various channels. Last season with the Cavaliers to win, but little Mo is always in the knee and thumb injury struggle. Unless a buyout agreement and knight, or he may not be able to get the full salary for next season. Last summer, Mo Mo and Cleveland signed a $2 contract for $4 million 300 thousand, after which he had already played the 2016-17 season. If he had been cut off in August 31st, the Cavaliers would have saved millions of dollars in luxury tax. At present, the knight’s total salary exceeds the salary cap (94 million) nearly $24 million, more than the luxury tax levy line also has $4 million, and they have not yet renewed J.R. – Smith. But in view of the small knight may retire, chose not to cut him, and he "deferred payment" the remaining 2 million 200 thousand annual salary (which, for the moment the knight, a sum of money, but they each year in the next 3 years to pay the luxury tax will increase), but choose a one-time for him last year’s salary to pay the luxury tax. In addition, even if the small continue to campaign, unless he himself told the knight called healthy he can still contribute, otherwise first guard Kaili behind Erwin, Knight substitute one bit will be a huge vacuum (Matthew Delaweiduowa has to leave, in addition to the small, only two years of Jordan Mccrea and rookie level Kay Phil Del). If you want to upgrade the reserve guard, then you may have to look for a team willing to accept the contract. The 2003 draft, Mo in the second round of the total forty-seventh cis position is selected and removed over the Jazz career, stag, knight, clippers [micro-blog], Portland, wolves and wasps. He played a total of 818 games, the first 525 games, the game were played for 29.2 minutes, get a score of 4.9 assists, hit rate of 43.4%, the ball hit the ball at a rate of three points of 37.8%. 2008-09 season in Cleveland, little mo was all star. (Chi Mei)相关的主题文章: