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Cuilong Zhu FA Cup defeat Hengda rhetoric Korean media praise the first super handsome sports Sohu –   November 3rd Beijing time news, South Korean media interview in Jiangsu Suning coach cuilong Zhu, the latter made it clear that in the next hope to dominate the FA Cup final, losing to Guangzhou for super Hengda Qu ranked second regret. Korean media said, cuilong Zhu left K League in 6 at the end of this year Seoul FC team joined in the first year, the challenge China stage led the Jiangsu Suning League runner up medals. Suning also won the next year AFC Champions League qualification, and will directly impact the Korean team. To accept the media interview, cuilong Zhu, said in the first year of the super is indeed a lot of difficulties: "to adapt to a completely different from the K League environment is not easy, but the people around to help, smoothly across the." The evaluation report in the world famous cuilong Zhu and players in the Super League, in a very short period of time has proved its own strength, occupy a space for one person. In Li Zhangzhu (Changchun Yatai, Twelfth), Pu Taixia (Yanbian, ninth), Hong Mingfu (Hangzhou Greentown, Fifteenth), Zhang Wailong (Chongqing, eighth) a total of 5 in Super League coach Han Shuai, cuilong Zhu performed best. Korean media pointed out that cuilong Zhu joined Suning early, the team 6 war 3 wins and 3 losses, then the team together and overcome difficulties keep rising trend, after the 9 game 6 wins, 1 draws and 2 defeats, ranked second in the final. "Personality with affinity and wise leadership of cuilong Zhu and Teixeira, Ramirez and other world-class foreign aid together harmoniously, and successfully promoted a spirit relatively inactive Chinese players, increase team cohesion. Although ultimately unsuccessful over the absolute king, Guangzhou Hengda the wall won the championship, but cuilong Zhu’s coaching ability has been widely recognized by the team and the fans." Insider said, Suning club up and down on him very trust." Despite the super troops, but cuilong Zhu this year there is an important task of competition, the FA Cup final: "the opponent is Hengda, two teams were 2 games in 20 days this month, 27 days for the laurel." Suning in 26 last month in the twenty-ninth round, 2-0 win Hengda home court. About the duel, cuilong Zhu confidence, said this time to seize the opportunity to defeat Hengda: "we just beat them, so the team is confident. I know that the fans in Jiangsu are also eager to win the FA Cup, we hope to use our efforts to achieve the aspirations of everyone!" (Mai Yuan)相关的主题文章: