Xiamen anti fraud Center successfully stopped 1188 50 million 520 thousand yuan-cad2012序列号和密钥

Xiamen anti fraud Center successfully stopped 1188 "50 million 520 thousand yuan" the newspaper news (reporter Wang Yuting Intern Li Xiaoyan) yesterday morning, the city held against the new criminal governance of telecommunication network and the second joint meeting of the anti fraud center anniversary symposium. Vice mayor, Municipal Public Security Bureau, Lin Rui on the city’s next work to deploy anti fraud. The meeting informed the Xiamen anti fraud center was established more than a year of work, analysis of the situation and problems faced. The municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, tongguanju, Banking Bureau, Xiamen branch of the people’s Bank and other departments on the implementation of the six ministries "on the prevention and combating of telecommunications network fraud notice" and other related deployment requirements respectively to make statements. Lin Rui stressed that the fight against the telecommunications network is a new type of long-term criminal campaign, the need for multi sectoral efforts. Each unit should strengthen the ideological understanding, the responsibility to implement, to develop a more practical measures to combat governance, anti fraud work to do solid. Serious investigation, timely rectification of outstanding problems in the fight against governance, means of innovation, new ideas to solve the problem. Although yesterday held a forum on the anniversary of the establishment of the anti fraud center, but in fact, as of this month, Xiamen anti fraud center has been established for 15 months. 15 months, Xiamen city innovation system, anti fraud centre break departmental barriers, difficulties, explore the formation of a set of reference, can be copied, can promote the anti fraud "Xiamen model" by the Central Committee, the Ministry of public security and the public security organs praise. The anti fraud center success yesterday, through the data, the reporter once again into the Xiamen City anti fraud centre, changes in interpretation of the figures. Intercept effect according to statistics, in July 2015 the anti fraud center has been established, the success of 1188 payment fraud case, save 50 million 520 thousand yuan for the masses; is to assist the public security organs to stop local number 311, number 12 thousand and 200 remote interception, interception and virtual calling 10 thousand and 100 overseas telephone fraud, send SMS alerts to 1 million 497 thousand. "Posing as public security investigation" as an example, the "fire" system officially launched, from late July to October, were monitored and successfully stop the ongoing fraud more than 600 cases, the city’s such police intelligence fell 60.8%, 100 thousand yuan more than the major cases of alarm decreased by 58.3% crucial moment to help people stop 25 million 725 thousand yuan. Since last year, the city’s anti fraud center destroyed more than and 20 pseudo base gang. The case was significantly reduced during the second half of 2015, Xiamen telecommunications fraud cases fell by 13.6%; the first half of 2016, and in the background of the national telecommunications fraud cases rose by 32.5%, down 35% over the same period in Xiamen. Members of the alliance "members of the anti fraud alliance increased continuously in the expansion of banks from the original 5, now expanded to 18, telecommunications operators from the original 3, including virtual operators to increase the number of 23; the third party payment of Internet business, from the beginning of the" zero ". Development to the present 47. Police depth cooperation in August 30th this year相关的主题文章: