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Decimating Coach: Zhang Xianxiu allow players to determine the first Mid Autumn Festival to eat moon cake – Sports Sohu Beijing September 15th afternoon, Guangzhou Fuli team away Changchun Yatai team before the press conference, held at the stadium in Changchun press hall, Guangzhou R & F team coach Stow I Covic and Zhang Xianxiu attended the conference, and introduces the preparation team. Before the conference, Guangzhou R & F team coach Stojkovic in talking about tomorrow’s game said: "tomorrow is a very difficult, hard, a game full of challenge, need to score Yatai relegation, also hope to win the game to keep the R & F in the table. The two teams have the ambition to finish the game and it will be very interesting and exciting." Then Zhang Xianxiu said: "for us is a very crucial game, like coach said, we also need to avoid relegation Yatai 3 points for both teams, tomorrow is the key point of the game." Today is the traditional Chinese Mid Autumn Festival, there is no special celebration tonight? Stojkovic said: "we know the Mid Autumn Festival is very important, but the team here is to prepare for the game, and no special ceremony, I hope the players don’t eat too much cake, I will allow each of them to eat a piece of cake, two pieces of it. The weather here is very good, and I feel very happy." The last time in the home court losing to Yatai, the field has what to change? Stojkovic said: "not only is the home court and Yatai game, every game I remember, a time to lose the impression is profound, we controlled the game scene, but lost the game tomorrow, hope to have a good performance. We want to maintain a consistent style, with our good performance to win the game, no matter who is the opponent, we play will not change. We will study the opponent, Changchun will be on guard against us, the results of tomorrow to see." Next week, the second round of the FA Cup semi-final, the game will adjust the lineup? Stojkovic said: "I haven’t mentioned the players and the rival game, now a hundred percent effort and Yatai game, after the end of the game tomorrow go to the FA cup. I am happy that all the players are available and who will play again tomorrow to confirm that we still have time. I can only confirm that today’s conference will certainly be the first Zhang Xianxiu tomorrow." (Wen Xin)相关的主题文章: