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Majiate: self-confidence change to beat the Seoul team Luneng Luneng forward secrecy [AFC Champions League] key to reverse the cut Pelle Majiate Majiate attended the press conference, Shandong Luneng and Seoul sports Tencent in September 13th AFC Champions League before the game, the team coach Felix Magath said, ready to beat Seoul, before the game will not reveal the lineup changes. The conference started, Luneng coach Felix Magath said that the current situation is a little better, "is that we know what is the score now, also need a clear what the score to qualify. As for the Seoul team, they took a good score here, we know that Seoul is a very strong team, their team is very aggressive, though we have to take more risks, we did this week more training in this respect, we will all try to score. Change, if we can score 1 goals, 1 more than 0 leading words, so for us, everything is possible." As for the recent Luneng has been plagued by injuries, whether there will be the debut of the Raiders, coach Felix Magath said, every team has to face the situation, but we have enough players, compared to the first game lineup, has certainly changed, if I tell you now, I’m not a surprise tomorrow. But I am very confident to tell you that tomorrow we will send a team to beat Seoul." Finally, commenting on the recent Luneng competition on the second half performance is always unstable topic, Majiate replies, "in fact, the last two games without much comparability, the first is the warm-up match, the second field is a prerequisite factor, after all, is the national team training camp. For the next game, we have been preparing for the league, on Saturday to Wednesday lineup for the game tomorrow, we are ready, the second half will play well."相关的主题文章: