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Embarrassed! The pelican by homeless people don’t throw up the rocket [collection] Pelican 79-98 spurs Davies 18 Leonard 20 Tencent themselves they go away sports news October 30th Pelican back-to-back challenge spurs, they eventually defeat the opponent to 79-98, in this game, Anthony – Davies’s best helper and substitutions, ITO million Moore game 13 8 to get 18 points, in addition to the eyebrows brother, double player Pelican only one score. Moore is the outstanding performance of the game except if the eyebrows, a pelican player of the game’s most impressive? I can only find Moore, in the first quarter, Moore show their efficient offensive feeling, in an attack, he lurks in the bottom line, receive a pass, the ball against the defending, a subsequent round, or Moore, met Leonard’s cover, firmly hit the jumper. In the second section of the game, Moore is still shining moment, in the first half ended, he worked in the post 2 meters tall 06 Kell – Anderson, and hard to eat a ball into the opponent, will, and foul 2+1. Moore tough moments still behind, in section third, the eyebrows brother also declared misfiring, at Pelican into no time to score, or Moore, the pelican in this section in the last 9 minutes only 8 points, all the scores are Moore income. In the game, Moore 13 voted in the 8, is the most efficient team. But an awkward was born, Moore has a blue collar image positioning, in the 2011 draft, he was the fifty-fifth pick in the second round of the Celtics selected, but played one season, was traded to Houston as incast, while Houston also missed the natural swing man humble, they immediately the cut. So far, five years, Moore has played for four teams, respectively, the Celtics, magic, bull and pelican. But now, he has become a team in the pelican team on scorer. The pelican today, eyebrows brother is more like a guanggansiling, except him, the team is difficult to find a consistent scorer in the opener, in addition to the eyebrows brother got 50 points, the other two double figures were Fraser (15 points) and Moore (10). The second game against the warriors, in addition to the eyebrows brother with 45 points, three other double figures is Fraser (21 points), Corelle, and Stephenson (each get 15 points). The game against the Spurs, the team only scored in double eyebrows and Moore, do not know the next game, the best helper side and eyebrows will be replaced? (cat bear) Disclaimer: This article Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.相关的主题文章: