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The ten most popular decoration style is your favorite? (original title: the ten most popular decoration style is your favorite?) Lead: home space has not only shelter and a place to sleep; become comfortable modern living important elements, people can relax in their own little space, but also to have style, to show their own taste, industrial wind, Bohemia, minimalist style, everyone has different expectations for their own home space, ten kinds of the most popular style of decoration, which is your favorite? (source: StyleMode Chinese network) gorgeous retro a mottled, gorgeous, known as’ Shabby Chic ‘home style, in the selection of furniture are rich in, wear items, mottled frames, yellowed lace, elegant and poetic with dishevelled hair and a dirty face, good explanation, now a lot of people it will buy second-hand furniture to create a new sense, such as Shabby chic. Bohemia 70s hippie style, let the home become more free space, ethnic style fabric, planting at home, or is the totem of the use, are very attractive, but the biggest advantage is that this is not neat style demands. In fact, folk style and bohemian folk style and folk style is somewhat similar, pay more attention to Africa, Asia, and the elements of central and South America, with its rich color, to create a vibrant space. The classic modern wind using simple and practical furniture lines, the classic modern garden style, like a curtain, carpet is the classic elements, choose the color, the same color as the decoration standards, occasionally with a bright spot. Industrial wind without modification of the walls, exposed pipes, are creating rough elements industrial wind, selection of furniture, with iron and wood products as the main collocation, true and natural uninhibited sense, is the charm of home wind industry. Modern wind simple outline, precise lines, clean color, not too much visual impact, is the charm of modern wind, will not be full of space, let beauty be blank. The wind seems to have seen recent rural village wind rise trend, rattan, wooden furniture, natural material, fresh floral cloth, stone, fireplaces, comfortable and cozy space, people like at home on vacation. Chinese style China classical style, great cultural heritage of five thousand years, the wisdom of our ancestors in a condensed bases, not outdated, more and more love. This beautiful style, a lot of people spend a lot of money to pursue. Northern Europe is extremely simple wind wood, wool, bright and soft color, simple lines of furniture, we become the people’s favorite style. With the wind Eclectic style is also called the eclectic style, it has certain rules and elements, mixed theme, various styles of furniture, all assembled together, like wearing the same clothes, wonderful mix.相关的主题文章: