Dual 11 Suning Gome online transactions were over 200%-高达08ms小队

"Double 11" Suning Gome online trading growth surpassed 200% [Abstract] "double 11" Carnival day just after two days, all the electricity supplier and home appliance manufacturers like constantly released. "Double 11" Carnival day just after two days, all the electricity supplier and home appliance manufacturers like constantly released. Suning, Gome this year can’t wait to have flashed their transcripts, on November 11th, Suning online orders increased over 210%, the United States online transactions (GMV) an increase of 268%. Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning is in the middle of the night to send tens of millions of employees award. And in this feast, everyone power plant has become a carnival". Hisense released data show that Hisense TV Tmall flagship store in 70 minutes after the break, sales easily break through $one hundred million. As of 11 at 9 in the morning, Tmall store has completed all day long 90% of sales last year, once again refresh history record. The same day, the United States has exceeded 300 million of the total net sales of refrigerators, intelligent inverter refrigerator sales soared. And at 1:28 on the same day, TCL category sales exceeded 600 million yuan, has been reached in advance last year, double the full target of the "11". Orville yunwang released the latest data show that the main business enterprise in November 11th produced a total of 350 million pieces of express logistics orders, an increase of 59%. Double 11 week color TV sales 2 million 60 thousand units, an increase of 25%. Color TV sales contribution 4 billion 790 million yuan. The personage inside course of study thinks: "this year ‘double 11’ campaign, in Jingdong, Tmall, Suning, Gome and other electricity providers in the whole channel jointly launched the ‘attack’. From the perspective of changes in the structure of the product consumption this year, high-end appliances favored by the market, which will further change the electricity supplier market competition pattern." Suning, Gome online growth of over 200% this year, Suning is great in strength and impetus. As at 10:56 on November 11th, Su Ningquan channel sales scale breakthrough in 2015 double 11 day. November 12th at 0:00 on the morning, Suning announced the results burst table: full channel growth of 193%, an increase of. Another retail giant Gome also drying out transcripts. November 12th, Gome online through administrative micro-blog officially announced as of 11 days 24 when the battlefield. Data show that in November 11th the United States online transactions (GMV) an increase of 268%, mobile transactions accounted for 72%. The double 11 war, the United States online from November 10th to start at 0 o’clock offensive, in previous years, the double 11 ahead of schedule for 24 hours. Logistics, in the "double 11" on the same day, Suning logistics two hours rapid up nearly more than 50 thousand orders, a record high; the store from mentioning the amount of nearly 30%, Suning logistics tuotou day order completion rate as high as 97.8%. While the United States online in "double 11" 82 city to achieve the same day, 403 city implementation of half a day, 922 city to achieve the next day, FMCG department core city 2 hours. The TV channel "is" the highest price "double 11" this year, the high-end, smart TV become the favorite in consumer products. Double 11 is no longer the time for the appliance manufacturers simply dumped inventory, into a veritable feast of consumption. Tmall TV channel sales of nearly eighty thousand yuan high相关的主题文章: