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Zhao Liying would wear that? I am reading less, don’t lie to me recently, "Zhu Xian Yun Zhi" hit, of course the most attractive people or super idol lineup, Li Yifeng, Zhao Liying, Yang Zi collection, such as ease of this fantasy fantastic five costume drama has attracted much attention since its launch, now it seems from the story, not only did not feel cold, but the cold and Xian Qi picture to let the audience feel relatively satisfied, of course, we pay more attention to the portrayal of Baguio or Zhao Liying! The smart child, people have to love. But Zhao Liying’s costumes completely full of surprise, and with a very cute and clever feeling, delicate face and facial features, good to hear or see. Click to play GIF 1834K 1860K click click to play GIF play GIF 1622K GIF 1480K, click the play Click to play GIF 1156K of course, in the play and Li Yifeng’s various scenes also let the two fans said quite a feeling ", Zhao Liying was adorable and cute, but also bring the feeling of Xian Qi people can not resist. Zhao Liying advanced Costume "specialist" goddess around ten years of practice course of Zhao Liying’s baby face and big eyes are her very iconic, tender and lovely and full of reiki. But let the island of concern or Zhao Liying recent clothing products, it is straight up, not only the big body, also put on a lot of quality niche brand, simply open up. The twenty-second Shanghai TV Festival Closing Ceremony red carpet. Zhao Liying was wearing a purple dress suspenders, hand foot stars Sequin purses, silver sequins high-heeled sandals. The atmosphere is very simple style, but the subtle purple taro is also very comfortable, from the tone of speaking words, in fact, this color is selected Oh, Zhao Liying is also a good control! Zhao Liying is also drying out on the other side of the evening dress on micro-blog, but also a hint of purple, purple flowers behind a tattoo, fairy gas full. "Zhu Xian Yun Zhi" opening ceremony. Zhao Liying is still a deep purple stripe gauze appearance, atmosphere and moderate, although a baby face, but did not interfere with her master gown can Hold field, caregiver child temperament has been practicing this. Last month the "Yun Zhi" will meet the media. Zhao Liying is wearing a Fabitoria white striped lace openwork fringed dress suit, foot Stella Luna white thick sandals, wearing Tasaki Pearl earrings. Let her overall perspective and tassel collocation lines seem soft texture, low ponytail collocation liberal and dignified. Recently, she was wearing a Victoria Beckham white butterfly knot sleeveless dress, Jimmy Choo with a silver foot high heels to attend the activities, collocation earrings and long curly hair, and adorable and beautiful. Then her airport also gradually found their own PW style, began to take more Shuaixing + sweet line, with dark colors, the overall texture in Xu whiz to rise! Recently, Zhao Liying appeared at the airport. Dressed in black letters Kenzo printing Prada Robot black sweater, shoulder collage backpack, catch Pierre Balmain bright purple!相关的主题文章: