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Qingdao entered the "Bay City" development planning corridor [Abstract]9 month 21 days, Qingdao City Planning Bureau deputy director Teng Junhong guest Online Politics "," exchange of Jiaozhou Bay Coastal Zone Planning and management "and the general public. September 21st, deputy director of the Qingdao Municipal Planning Bureau Teng Junhong guest network online politics column, on the Gulf of Jiaozhou and coastal zone planning and management and the general public exchanges. It is understood that at present, Qingdao has entered a new stage by "Binhai city" to "Bay City" leapfrog development, to strengthen the city and the Red Island Economic Zone transport links, Qingdao city planning and construction of transport corridors and rail transportation, supplemented by the GCPT to meet traffic demand. "In 2007, the world’s most beautiful Gulf organization in the world’s 30 most beautiful Gulf, we Qingdao is the only selected city." According to Teng Junhong introduction, at present, Qingdao has entered a new stage by "Binhai city" to "Bay City" leapfrog development, overall protection and appropriate development of Qingdao coastal ecological environment and resources, is in line with the national economy and realize the development of blue blue cross strategic requirements, but also to build "the spatial pattern of mountain city sea city, island, major initiatives to highlight the global co-ordination of the sea of Qingdao city characteristics. In the interview, users reflect the most problem is the traffic problem. Teng Junhong said, according to the Qingdao city planning, city comprehensive transportation planning, to strengthen the city and the Red Island Economic Zone transportation links, planning of the Central Bay Avenue, dual Road, double Road, bay bridge and Hongdao connecting line the main road planning, Metro Line 1, line 8, No. 10 rail line, through the construction of the traffic corridor and rail transportation, supplemented by the GCPT can meet the future traffic demand. About the ring bay road congestion problems, to further strengthen the city North-South transport links in the Central Bay Avenue on the west side of the planning of the Anshun Road, North South Road, the Anshun road section has started construction, the project to be completed will greatly share the ring bay road traffic pressure, strengthen the north-south traffic connection. A dual port interchange North node congestion, dual Road, double road junction status level crossing peak node congestion has affected the dual port interchange traffic to the intersection, to ease road congestion, the Planning Bureau in conjunction with the relevant departments organized a dual road – Road double node upgrade research work the transformation scheme, the node interchange form to do a comparative analysis, the relevant program is the verification process, the program is determined to be the social publicity. In addition, according to the "Qingdao city master plan (2011-2020)", between the blue islands and Longhu in Baishahe on the new bridge between North and South Changjiang road. In July 2016, the municipal government approved the "controlled detailed planning" Chengyang District Liuting street BaiShaWan south area, the planning and implementation of the outcome of the Yangtze River on the road across the bridge and the South with the problem of convergence. (Qingdao finance and economics Daily Qingdao financial network reporter Xin Xiaoli) (Qingdao financial daily)相关的主题文章: