Be careful! You can enjoy free access to the 35 basic public services in Hunan-beself

Be careful! In Hunan, you can enjoy the original 35 basic public services free of charge: attention! In Hunan the 35 basic public services, you can enjoy free in October 24th, the provincial government website released the "basic public services in Hunan province list", a detailed list of service items, service object, expenditure responsibility and accountability of the unit. Which in the service project column, free public service class has 35, for a specific group of 30 kinds of subsidies, the government provides public goods category of protection of the class of 11. (see table) Hunan Provincial People’s Government Office on Issuing the "basic public services in Hunan Province Hunan government notification list" 2016 No. 73 urban municipalities, county people’s government, the provincial government departments and commissions and institutions directly under the province’s basic public services: "list" has been the provincial people’s government agreed, are hereby issued to you, please at all levels and relevant departments to seriously implement the objectives and tasks list of basic public services determined, increasing public financial investment, strengthen the innovation of the supply of basic public services, promote the construction of major livelihood projects, to ensure the successful completion of the objectives and tasks. List of basic public services in Hunan (source: time news) recommended Video: looking for Yang Zhenying! Changsha: 87 year old daughter and left home due to quarrel相关的主题文章: