The fourth Zhejiang province children’s talent contest perfect ending-残清1864

The fourth Zhejiang province children’s talent contest perfect ending for heavy selection of 5 months, through online and offline channels show, Hangzhou, Taizhou, Shaoxing, Ningbo province and more over the same period of linkage, September 24th, ushered in the most comfortable season in Hangzhou, the children finally ushered in the long-awaited 2016 art school and the fourth Zhejiang children’s talent contest finals. The 68 group of players from the million players in all the way through the realignment finals. Nearly 5 hours of talent show let the audience to feast their eyes: Modern Dance melodious singing, beautiful dance, music guzheng, energetic performances, dizzying, live applause, climax. With a stable solid foundation and excellent stage performance, finally, Yang Zhenghao and Lin Xiyue, Zheng Ding, Sun Yijun, Zhang Zhihan and Zhou Kehan won the contest of children group, juvenile group gold medal, won the highest award (the most complete list of winners in the end). The top eighteen talent like Wu Yi on the same stage PK fierce competition, "the star fan children full of the contest by the Zhejiang Provincial Civilization Office, Zhejiang daily newspaper group, a large public jointly organized by the Zhejiang online news website, Zhejiang China Telecom, Zhejiang children’s Art Troupe activities. The finals invited to the chairman of the Zhejiang Provincial Association of pop music Zhou Bin, national level actors, Hangzhou opera and dance troupe Xie Jun, a national performer, China Pipa Musician Association Association Li Fang and the Zhejiang Normal University art education department associate professor Xu Dan and many other big names back at the scene. They make a professional score for each player and focus on it. Competition in the lively, very strong sense of rhythm of the opening program, drum drum youth officially opened the curtain. Jean Ran DaTouZhen won the gold prize in Hangzhou Province, the little girl age is small, but did not stage fright, rhythm coherence, charming dance, with a high level of professionalism to "exotic angel" every action interpretation is in place, will also contest the intense competition atmosphere to a new height. After the appearance of the children’s team is also not afraid of the newborn tiger tiger, small body burst of energy, each can freely hold live audience. Compared with the variety of adorable state, children group the innocence of children’s funny, group of players is secretly rivalry, as can be seen, each program has been carefully arranged. From the Taizhou division of the Chen Siyu song "quiet interpretation of the Lighthouse" let the scene erupted into applause, her "good ear to all pregnant". You Changba me play, from Shaoxing division players Chen Yuxin jazz, not resigned to playing second fiddle, Ni Junxi Lianhualao all star fan children full. Master Guozhao, quite good-looking! According to the final score, the awards settled. In the finals, won the national gold medal dance show "azalea" special help show, the contest perfect ending. A public contest insisted for 4 years, has accumulated more than 60 thousand people enrolled in it is worth mentioning that the contest is "fourth year Zhejiang province children’s talent contest", always adhering to the "public form of zero threshold, zero fee", enter the number increased year by year, covering the area is becoming more and more popular. More and more young children involved, as of this year, has accumulated相关的主题文章: