Zhangzhou 82 year old man was beaten to eat moon cake hit bricks are broken-pt100分度表ֶȱ�

Zhangzhou 82 year old moon cakes were beaten to death hit brick broken murder yesterday at 12 am, Zhukeng agency Xiangcheng Tianbao town a nunnery Temple Village murder occurred, the 82 year old Yan with the village was another man Yanmou killed river. According to eyewitness reports, the incident at the time, the village a few old people chatting in the Temple Temple sit, Yan with the elderly are still eating moon cakes. A 81 year old villager (a pseudonym), at the time, 4 elderly people in the village temple temple to sit, watching TV, "we see in Xiamen affected by the typhoon, the house of the dead in the temple next door, he is over at noon, still eating moon cakes." Suddenly, the murderer Yanmou holding a bamboo pole in the river, with the head to knock without demur, Yan, "desperately hard knock, knock, knock on the pole broke, I called him (the deceased) ran, ran!" The same color quickly got up to escape, did not run a few steps, Yanmou river at the door and picked up a 2 brick size, rushed in, very fierce, and hit him (the deceased) head, the bricks are broken, "Yan with no resistance, inclined to lie on the ground, unable to move the blood the flow over the ground. Subsequently, the villagers reported to the police. Catch a witnessed the villagers said, had seen the murder, went to the deceased wife, her husband told her he was wounded. Then, a river to escape Huang yan. According to local villagers Mr. Yan, Yan then fled to a river about three or four kilometers outside Bumei village next to the temple, was caught by the police. Less than four hours after the incident, the police arrested the suspect xiangcheng. Yanmou river has been Xiangcheng police criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. The reason for the suspect Yanmou he confessed to the police, he wanted to watch TV at the time, the dead stopped him and get out of the way, he gets angry, picked up the pole to beat him. Many local villagers to the sea are reporters reflect, this is not the first time in the Yan River Village attack, a few years ago, in the same temple temple, he had been wounded 2 people. The reporter also learned that a 51 year old Yan River, the villagers said it had mental problems before treated.相关的主题文章: