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The burning of straw, poor Guan Dang Zhen Tuan Lin Pu Zhen party secretary was interviewed on the morning of 19, Central Committee Office interviewed · recent fire, many spots in Shayang County, Guan Dang Zhen Jingmen high tech Zone; Duodao District tuanlin town Party committee, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the municipal government supervision room, Municipal Bureau of agriculture, City Agricultural Bureau of Shayang county and high tech Zone, · Duodao district government official responsible person to attend the meeting. Since the fall of the straw Jinshao work carried out, the city of straw Jinshao command center found during inspections, Shayang county official Dang Zhen Jingmen high tech Zone, · Duodao District tuanlin town of crop straw burning fire point, the situation is more serious, more spots. Interview meeting, Central Committee Office informed the recent city straw Jinshao command center and inspection teams to inspect the situation of inspections, Shayang county official Dang Zhen Jingmen high tech Zone, · Duodao District tuanlin town straw Jinshao and comprehensive utilization work rectification requirements. At the same time, Central Committee Office requirements throughout the city to strengthen the organization and leadership of the straw Jinshao work, the implementation of Party and government leaders responsible for the system, the establishment of coordination mechanism, refine the decomposition of tasks, a clear regulatory responsibility; strengthen the publicity and guidance, to promote education and guide the masses as the key Jinshao work, take a number of measures will become conscious and comprehensive utilization of straw Jinshao the action of the masses; establish and perfect the straw Jinshao emergency plan, strengthen inspections and availability of fire extinguishing tools to ensure the fire timely organization fighting; make full use of accountability and punishment, for burning straw parties, fined by the environmental protection department, the Public Security Department of the poor discipline, Jinshao Township, strictly held responsible person responsibility; strengthen technology promotion, improve utilization, and constantly open up the space of comprehensive utilization of crop straw Between the two, the implementation of subsidy policies, such as straw returned to the field, the straw into available resources. (reporter Zhang Wen) sweep code big Chu Jingmen, see more exciting content!相关的主题文章: