Xi’an, a rental housing in the vicinity of 206 boxes of firecrackers there are many residents (video-姉summer

Xi’an rental in the possession of 206 boxes of firecrackers has many residents near the police seized the scene yesterday morning, the Changan Public Security Bureau Public Security brigade joint police station in Wei Qu do part of the village of Wei Qu Street random security checks, found on the tower slope at the village farm house rented room storage with a large number of fireworks, the police immediately the scene and seized control of personnel. Reporters from the Changan Public Security Bureau order brigade learned the scene seized a total of 206 boxes of fireworks, fireworks storage yard and even a wood factory, there are a lot of tenants. The police rushed to the scene, open the rental house, a lot of people come to the onlookers were astonished to find. There are tenants said excitedly: "everybody wants peace, someone secretly kept a room full of guns, it is. Every day with a house ‘time bomb’ neighbors, think are scared! Fortunately, the police found out!" The police don’t worry in the console households at the same time, a clear: "in the" clean home "in action, we will continue to increase the purification of area security environment, the illegal storage of flammable and explosive dangerous goods, adhere to the zero tolerance attitude, will crack down on." At present, the 206 boxes of illegal fireworks storage has been seized, detained by the parties. Fireworks have been moved to a safe location for temporary storage, the police are tracing their sources. The reporter Li Jia (Shaanxi newspaper) Note: the video is only extended reading. Police arrested the possession of fireworks fireworks相关的主题文章: