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The car was the main mutual Angel round of financing new release fee change Calculator – Beijing Beijing Car Technology Co., Ltd. founder Li Zhihua main cooperation in new network on 28 September, yesterday, sponsored by the Beijing science and Technology Co., Ltd. the main car, angel investment and space combat, CO owner of mutual good angel financing and new product launch held in Angel combat school. It is reported that the car is the first main mutual "driven by innovation of products and services to owners of security assistance platform. The first two products of automobile engine warranty guarantee "and" a child in a car accident, obtained by the introduction of a majority of the car owners approval, and within 1 months was quickly obtained Beijing Investment Angel round of financing. The main car mutual angel financing and new product launch for everyone "behind the car and revealing mutual aid" fast financing Story Sharing Mode of Internet innovation owners protection, as well as heavyweight new product releases, the scene was held at key strategic partnership signing. Beijing car main technology Co. Ltd. CEO Li Zhihua mutual entitled "Internet plus insurance product innovation road" speech, introduced the main car mutual products, and elaborates the viewpoint from four aspects of market, policy, innovation path and good owner of the road of innovation. Beijing North financial partner Gui Shuguang said: "the current status of traditional insurance market will not change, the Internet can do to reduce the economic burden of consumers, to meet consumer demand for personalized, more intelligent. Beijing financial investment continued to be optimistic about the Internet, and will continue to increase investment. At the same time very much believe and look forward to a good car owners can become Beijing North has been voted in the project star project." The main car release ceremony Chinese mutual angel financing Automobile Association Auto Club Association branch secretary Zhang Shili from the perspective of the association on insurance demand for innovative products. He said that the auto insurance industry in the next five years will become more and more close to the consumer, more competitive means of diversification, there is a greater chance of profit improvement, there is more attractive and breakdown of the insurance market. At the same time there will be a big challenge, the auto insurance market how to adapt to the diverse needs of consumers, how to construct the ecological system of the insurance industry, how to continuously improve business operation ability and take advantage of digitization, is the future of the auto insurance industry need to consider the issue. In the car the main mutual strategic partnership signing session, Li Zhihua and general manager Yan Xingtao, blue Technology Co. Ltd. and a road (road rescue Internet platform) Lu Lei signed CEO. The establishment of the relevant cooperation washing and repair services, road rescue services etc.. At the same time, the main products and car operators responsible person released a soup base the new products, new change fee calculator. The main innovation of high frequency of the car is the biggest bright spot, not only to meet the needs of users to create a product, and also improve the downstream chain products. The use of "new charges calculator" to calculate their claims price benchmark, if can use the car for claims "the main body of mutual treasure" products of car maintenance, car owners at the same time also provides users with a 1900 yuan red envelope, not afraid of high premiums next year.相关的主题文章: