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In the modern construction of large data center Guizhou lead vehicle networking technology Phoenix Automotive News in November 8th, the government of Guizhou Province in the modern automobile and the international ecological center in Guiyang city held a construction of "strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony of big data. Chen Miner, deputy secretary of Guizhou provincial Party committee, vice president of Hyundai Motor, and the relevant parties attended the ceremony of the people’s Republic of China, the Chinese Communist Party Secretary of the CPC Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Secretary of the. Hyundai Motor will be in the province of Guizhou big data industry national new district, the construction of a large data center, which means that the future will be more suitable for Chinese customers car networking services. Photos from left to right: the modern automobile China support division vice president Tan Daohong, CISCO CEO Chuck Robbins, vice president of Hyundai Zheng Yixuan, Guizhou provincial Party Secretary Chen Miner, Guizhou provincial governor Sun Zhigang, deputy governor Qin Rupei, the modern automobile research and Development Department Liang Xiongzhe deputy chairman, vice governor of Guizhou Province Lu Yongzheng Hyundai decided to first overseas large data center in Guizhou province Chinese, leading the digital revolution, leading the future car networking technology. Big data is the core element of the information center car networking, based on this can achieve the perfect autopilot and other functions, to bring a wealth of customer service life. At the same time, the integration of the collection and analysis of the information will also play an important role in the development and improvement of product force, marketing, business decisions and other fields, to help improve the overall competitiveness of modern cars. Modern car in China to build a large data center, not only can accumulate strong basic data, will further establish its IT technology, the world’s leading brand image. In the future, the modern automobile will gradually expand the construction of large data centers in major regions around the world, so that the car networking core data analysis and application technology in the forefront of the world. Zheng Yixuan, vice president, said: with the big data in Guizhou as a new economic growth point, Guizhou contains unlimited potential for development. This cooperation will not only accelerate the future development of car networking and other vehicles, but also for the development of modern automobile industry in China to make a positive contribution." It is reported that Guizhou is leading the development of China’s national standards for the application of big data applications, and modern cars will be settled in the new district’s first car companies. Hyundai Motor China big data center will be completed in the preparation of the preparatory, hardware facilities, such as a series of preliminary work after the initial launch. With Amazon, Baidu and other global ICT companies settled in the New District, will contribute to the construction of modern enterprises and global ICT collaboration network. Hyundai will work with CISCO (CISCO) to strengthen cooperation, efforts to develop the world’s top car networking for the highest level of research and development of the world’s car networking, Hyundai Motor will further strengthen cooperation with CISCO. 8, the same day, Hyundai Motor vice president Zheng Yixuan signed with the CISCO CEO Chuck Robbins car networking research and development strategic agreement (MOU)". Long before modern automobile launched vehicle networking development strategy and direction, the "super intelligent auto connection" development concept far beyond the concept of the integration of communication technology and automotive, but intends to open the car life "Car To Life" era. To this end, the modern automobile to increase talent and R & D investment, and actively promote the global professional"相关的主题文章: