216 NOKIA released 24 days long standby Yuebuyue Sohu digital-helmet怎么读

216: NOKIA released 24 days long standby Yuebuyue? [Sohu] [news] talking about big hands, what do you think? Father and son together, or mother and the sweet? When it comes to mobile phones? It must be NOKIA, the company has grown up with countless people regret to withdraw from the mobile phone market, like those years we lost youth, like gone forever. NOKIA 216 recently, NOKIA released a low-key low-key sense of mobile phones: NOKIA. The machine uses 2.4 inches 320X240 pixel resolution screen, built-in 16MB memory, the highest support 32GB SD card expansion, front and rear 300 thousand pixel camera, equipped with a 1020mAh battery, and LED lights, known as the official machine standby up to 24 days, the price of about 193 yuan. I like these ten years ago configuration, Xiao Bian first feels not ridicule, but a childhood pumianerlai. Recently, there is news that NOKIA will launch Android mobile phone to return to the market, it is the big dipper! Let’s look forward to the memory of the brand to bring us a surprise!相关的主题文章: