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Pregnant twins, pregnancy should pay special attention to! – after the pregnancy of the Sohu, the mother and child are especially worried about being pregnant with twins, because her husband and his brother are twins, and there are 2 pairs of twins in the history of their parents. Vonnie said, now the cost of living is so high, do not want to have two children, and will not have to have a second child plan. Yesterday morning to do four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound surprise when he found himself pregnant with a single fetus. Thank God, if this is a twin, I am more afraid of pregnancy, after all, is the two child." Vonnie, although do not twins, but her thoughts also poked in the many twin pregnant mother’s heart, twins should pay special attention to what? 1, prevention of abortion and premature uterine cavity of twin pregnancy is relatively narrow, affect the placental blood circulation, the abortion rate than single pregnancy high 2-3 times, so double pregnancy is more to strengthen the protection and care. If there is a fetal death, another fetus can continue to grow, grow up with health of the fetus, fetal death will be absorbed or extruded into paper pattern with normal fetus, mothers do not have to worry about fear, not termination. Pregnant women with twin pregnancies increased significantly, and grew rapidly, especially after 24 weeks. Twin pregnancy body burden than single pregnancy is more important, at the same time because of heart, lung and inferior vena cava under the oppression of the uterus, prone to palpitation, dyspnea, edema of lower extremity varicose veins and compression symptoms, especially in late pregnancy. Therefore, the twin pregnancy expectant mothers in the late pregnancy should pay special attention to avoid fatigue, bed rest, in order to alleviate the symptoms of oppression, increase uterine blood flow, but also to prevent premature birth. In addition, because of the twin pregnancy leads to excessive uterine enlargement, many pregnant mother of twins are difficult to maintain and advance to full-term delivery, so as to ensure safe and smooth delivery of twin pregnancies, the best conditions of the hospital to be produced in advance. 2, pay attention to prenatal hemorrhage twin pregnancy prone placenta previa. This is a painless, bleeding is caused by the late pregnancy placenta and endometrium peeling, and some pregnant women because of a lot of bleeding in sleep, and can not get treatment. Antepartum hemorrhage is generally progressive, the first is a small amount of bleeding, stop after a few days and then increase, leading to massive bleeding. So, if there is a small amount of bleeding during pregnancy symptoms, do not be careless, always pay attention to prevent accidents. 3, it is best to choose caesarean section is the safest and most convenient way of birth. The twins and singleton birth and no different, most of the twins are birth was born, two will not be more than one more pain. However, the birth of multiple births does have a higher incidence of other interventions, and the risk of preterm birth and small birth in twin pregnancies is higher, so it takes time and special care. If one or two babies are in a less than ideal place of birth, they should choose a caesarean section. As for the head, can but may cause normal childbirth, neglected transverse of second fetuses. The other version is best not to run. Twin pregnancy is a high-risk pregnancy, more than a single fetus to strengthen regular prenatal examination, listen to the doctor’s advice….相关的主题文章: