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Autumn and winter wear warm, warm the whole winter from the poet Xin Qiji was impeached, who made a lake at. The word full of pathos, highlighted the rendering of a "depression"! I do not know is not much affected by the ancients, so that now the winter often mentioned always cannot do without "sad" "lonely", this is only to say: "STOP"! As a positive "little sun", just don’t let winter become more desolate Qi qi! To take (at least look) warm is the responsibility, let us in the autumn and winter, with warm colors to wear and frigidity showdown ~ 1: red, Red want to look feel more warm, spicy, red is definitely NO.1. Moreover, in all the big show, red always appeared to be a top color. The left: Off-White: Elie Saab Fall right: Valentino represents the visual effect of warm and warm red with high saturation, absolutely is to save the dull choice in autumn and winter. 1, red + red if you are confident enough, you can try All Red style, choose a simple red single product design that is actually not difficult to manage, with a brilliant smile, is really a little sun ~ red suit also fried chicken good, do not need to what special things, only with a red can throw off Hilary street in several passers-by in the presidential debates on the choice of such a red suit, she has always believed that red is a symbol of power, and give people full of energy and feeling of passion. But if you’re worried about such a large range of daily wear red would seem too catch horse, the proposal is a single product wearing red styling collocation. 2, red + black black seems to be able to match any color, of course, including red. Red + black also called LOOK is one of the popular and enduring, although there is no All Red so eye-catching, but also to mature with a woman’s feelings. Black and white to red and low-key rich, and warm red to black and white color collocation different vitality, striking a wonderful effect, let you out of the street more taste. 3, red + blue as the saying goes, since the red and blue CP. Cool blue can with warm colors of red phase and can make the overall shape in color was playful and lively ~ whether red or blue blue on red winter red is the perfect dress. If you want to dress a little more advanced, it may wish to add a white collocation oh ~4, red + white red and white collocation, is always a good classic. A hot flame, a clean water, a passion, a quiet. Bright red, white and pure, in this autumn special was fresh and beautiful, sometimes due to an encounter and impact and wipe out more spark! If you personally feel that monochromatic collocation is too monotonous, that F Jun suggest that you choose some mesh or grid shape of a single product to match. 5, red + gray gray itself belongs to the kind of cold nature, a single wear will certainly have a rigid monotonous suspicion, if you want to reconcile it, with any color in the color system to match, remember that any color ha. Because music相关的主题文章: