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NSO Group spyware installation costs only $500 thousand worth? [Abstract] the Tencent technology you want to spy on them invisible in iPhone when the user’s knowledge? Do you want to collect every key, sound, message, and location information about them? Just buy the Israel Corp NSO Group spyware Pegasus, you can monitor anyone who wants to monitor. This software installation costs $500 thousand, tracking 10 iPhone or Android mobile phone users need to pay $650 thousand. NSO Group is one of the many companies that sell monitoring software, which can be used to collect all the activities of smart phones, such as the user’s location and contact information, etc.. In addition, these software can also be a smart phone into a secret recording device. Since its establishment 6 years ago, NSO Group has always maintained a low profile. But in August, security researchers discovered that its spy software was trying to invade a human rights activist in iPhone. They also found second targets – a reporter who specializes in exposing corruption in Mexico. Now, New York Times access to NSO Group’s internal e-mail, contracts and business advice, in order to reveal the secrets of the secret operation of digital Monitor Company. The emails and documents were provided by 2 people who had had contact with NSO Group, but they were reluctant to disclose their identity for fear of retaliation. NSO Group is just one of dozens of Israeli digital espionage tool development companies, their products can track any activity on the smartphone. They provide services to governments and law enforcement agencies around the world. The industry believes that such monitoring to track terrorists, kidnapping and drug lords is necessary. NSO Group’s corporate mission is to make the world a safer place. 10 people familiar with the situation of the sale of NSO Group anonymous said, NSO Group has a strict internal audit process, in order to determine the final product will be sold to. The ethics committee, which is made up of corporate employees and external legal advisors, will assess potential targets, primarily based on human rights ratings introduced by the world bank and other global institutions. But so far, these people have said, NSO Group has not refused any export license. Critics point out that the NSO Group spyware is also used to track journalists and human rights activists. University of Toronto Monck School of global affairs under the senior fellow citizen lab Bill · Makezhake (Bill Marczak) said: "this is not the examination, because the system NSO Group once sold, the government will be wantonly use. NSO Group claims to try to build a safer world, but they are also creating more monitoring of the world." After apple, Facebook and Google (micro-blog) and other technology companies to launch a stronger encryption technology to protect the system data, NSO Group spyware demand surge. Because in this process, government agencies!相关的主题文章: