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Good warm heart! Liu Qiangdong Zhang Zetian to donate 1 million families suffering from uremia – Entertainment Sohu   Liu Qiangdong Zhang Zetian and his wife committed to public welfare     Sohu entertainment news the day before, a copy from rolia news caused widespread concern, Ms. Zhou Hongxia, who lives in Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, 20 years ago, her husband died because of uremia, alone she put a pair of young the children grow up; Behold, five years before the doom come again, then 21 year old daughter was diagnosed with uremia; more than a month ago, 29 year old son was diagnosed with uremia. In the face of the suffering of the disease afflicted daughter, Zhou Hongxia pain: "I have two kidney, I give you both brother and sister one!" After my brother finished dialysis, sister’s condition has worsened, two critically ill, the doctor was eventually pulled back from the dead line. At present, sister in Suqian People’s Hospital, physical condition has improved, "if finally there is no money, I want to take the opportunity to my brother, he is a family man, he wants to live!" After the news in the news, Liu Qiangdong and his wife Zhang Zetian, immediately by the Jingdong in Suqian local staff contacted the daughter of Zhou Hongxia, and immediately decided to create a two person "Day Charity Fund" to the family donated 1 million yuan for surgical treatment and postoperative recovery after the siblings, from the news to implement the donation in just 4 hours. As we all know, Mr. Liu Qiangdong has deep feelings for his hometown of Suqian, he has repeatedly said that 18 years of parenting grace, no matter where, how far, home Suqian is always his favorite. Sympathy for Ms. Zhou family encounter, and deep love for the people of the hometown of Liu Qiangdong and his wife did not hesitate to lend a helping hand. Day is a Charitable Foundation sponsored by Liu Qiangdong, the wife of Zhang Zetian, due to emergencies, accidental injury, illness or other special reasons to provide social assistance to the charity fund family and personal life difficult. Last August, the fund had to participate in the rescue of Tianjin bombing died or injured firefighters, police officers and other members of the community donated $10 million for family life and psychological rehabilitation of their assistance.相关的主题文章: