Crooks renting office arrangements for migrant workers to cheat 200 thousand-headache怎么读�

A liar office workers abroad for rent defrauding 200 thousand original title: rental office arrangements set "overseas workers" cheat 200 thousand claims can arrange workers abroad, and charge a fee of 7000 yuan to 20 thousand yuan, a year cheated more than 20 yuan. Recently, Lianhu District, Xi’an Procuratorate on suspicion of contract fraud on Zhou approved the arrest. From the beginning of July 2015, Zhou in Lianhu District a residential rental housing within the office location, publish information on the Internet, recruitment and labor export business in the name of a Henan human resources development limited company, received 7000 yuan per person to 20 thousand yuan fee. There have been dozens of people to see the information Zhou rental place go through the formalities, delivery fees, with Zhou Sike seal issued receipts. However, until June of this year, Zhou still failed to arrange to pay their workers abroad. People have to call a week, he started to "are dealt with, soon enough and other excuses, then simply do not answer the phone. Feel cheated, pay them to Zhou’s office, but found empty…… Currently, the public security organs have received more than 20 people reported that the amount of the loss of more than 20 yuan. > > relevant laws and regulations of the prosecutor handling the case, the contract fraud refers to the illegal possession for the purpose of signing the contract process, with false units or fraudulent contracts on behalf of others; guarantee with forged notes or certificates of property rights; no actual ability to perform, to perform first small contract or part of the contract, to trick each sign and fulfill the contract and other means to cheat each other’s property, a relatively large amount of behavior. Prosecutors reminded that in recent years, the case of migrant workers as a pretext for fraud occurs. In the choice of labor export agencies should be cautious, its business license, qualification information to see clearly, the delivery of property should also pay attention to the account is a private account or the company’s public, so as not to be cheated. China Daily reporter correspondent Zhao Shiyuan Ning Jun Yin Qi editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: