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Do not believe rumors do not pass rumors, Trump did? Original title: do not believe rumors do not pass rumors, Trump did? | glacier weekend Author: Chen Jibing source: public number "glacier thought library" in Donald · Trump was elected president of the United States on this matter, I in fact than most traditional media people should be more readily admit that they are solidly in the face. On election day, I published an article in the ideological base of WeChat glacier number on the public ("the most bold prediction: Hilary beat Trump, leading the 5% big words") to predict Hilary will take the advantage of about 5% beat Trump. Now this article with the post full of sarcasm, let me feel as if I can not wash away from the back of the stain. My prediction is the basis of the western mainstream media and pollsters in recent two United States presidential election accuracy, it seems as a standard traditional media, traditional media and I was not light. The full range of traditional media in this session of the American election defeat is so that used to fully and delightfully, set the agenda for the public and the media itself has become an important issue in the post election. This defeat is twofold: first, the traditional media to predict the degree of public support is not reliable means to incredible proportions, which reflects the industry level is greatly reduced; second, more than a year, the traditional media is almost overwhelmingly against Trump, but still failed to dissuade American voters sent him to the White House. This reflects the rapid decline of traditional media influence. It’s a bit of a stab in the hearts of some people (such as those who have recently been labeled "elite"). As the traditional media "lead to big brother", "New York Times" Trump was elected editorial comments at the beginning of a angrily wrote: "his victory is on the news media, public opinion survey…… A humiliating blow." But for many people, the rude and Trump win, superior traditional media decline, it seems hard to dance for joy. At least in the media and social functions, this is not the decline of the "New York Times" alarmist that we "have been put on the edge of the cliff, but bathed in the dawn of a new era. The political and media in the United States will be the Trump A new force suddenly rises. mouth running train, as a new media, especially social media — a revolutionary subversion of the traditional media, is not an exaggeration. Media has always been an important force in shaping the political map of the United states. In 1880s, if there is no newspaper magnate Pulitzer’s "world news" on Grover · in Cleveland; the latter behind, I am afraid it is difficult to successfully elected president. Also, many people still remember Franklin · President Roosevelt through radio communication with the people of the United States famous "fireside chats". At the beginning of the 1960s, John · Kennedy and rival Richard · Nixon opened the curtain of presidential candidate debate, since then, the TV debate also became the president of the United States.相关的主题文章: