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Female netizen licking screen heavy Mobile Games spokesman announced: millet was in July this year, millet company announced the exclusive agent of Westhouse produced the "JX" Mobile Games latest works "world Musketeers". With the experience of red rice mobile phone spokesperson, millet is also important for this heavy hand travel a spokesperson. The evening of August 31st, Lei Jun in micro-blog asked: "we hope you who speak" world Musketeers "?" Now, the official answer is: Wu Yifan. It is reported that,   in September 5th, Wu Yifan starred in the lead singer of the MV+ theme song of the world premiere, Wu Yifan’s first attempt at producing and arranging martial arts style songs, for the first time in the ancient style. "World Musketeers" is to "Xishanju JX" series of the original cast for the team, 200 people assembled Xishanju strongest R & D team, investment 100 million yuan, which lasted two years and developed a Mobile Games, is the industry as the super class S MMOARPG Mobile Games, in internal is also defined as the 2016 annual flagship products in Xishan. The so-called "gorgeous like mobile phone game".  相关的主题文章: