The Great Wall the first trailer topic preheating is a technology live — don’t run下北glory days

"The Great Wall" the first trailer topic   preheating is a technology live — don’t run entertainment channel, original title: preheating is a live technical center don’t deviation "the Great Wall" stills "such as Yi biography" was first released. Wang Kai micro-blog exposure "2 new stills" Ode to joy. The movie "forgetful village" yesterday exposure notice, Wang Qianyuan, staged a couple files in the """. Ang Lee challenges the new technology in the film "the battle of Billy and Lynn". "Announced" choose day record high Shengyuan participating. Recently, the crew can be described as "from director Zhang Yimou fall over each other, the first international production of" the Great Wall ", and then to the small screen of the" Ode to joy ", such as" 2 Yi biography ", the highly anticipated works have released trailers, stills, has aroused strong repercussions in the middle of the audience, and further raised the topic of boom. Gather popularity, successfully achieved the goal of preheating. In contrast, being hit "grand track" but because starring shouting match with friends suffered. So, preheat publicity is always a live, do not accidentally missed. The head on to throw off topic, please speak with every movie, especially high-profile drama when not broadcast and release, there is need to set off early and gather the audience popular topic of public opinion, all the crew are using various tricks to achieve this purpose: to keep secret, and response to the outside world the core of looking like a beauty "- veiled", preheating is a technology live, the use of the material there is a lot of attention. First of all, a work around the preheating and publicity can have gossip and off topic, can Zoupian Jian Feng, but not blur the focus, make people lose interest in the film itself. Guo Jingming, director of the "grand track" in the beginning of painting, or habitually received all kinds of bad, many people express many different objections to their use of CG effects, also starring Chen Xuedong acting as usual question. So Chen Xuedong was shouting match with friends, then get behind Guo Jingming, this approach might make people more disgusted movie. Because, any comments and questions to the outside world, as long as it does not involve moral and personal attacks, the creators should not be ignored, can be generous enough, with the actual performance to fight back is the best way to doubt. Even to maintain the name of the fans, but also need to pay attention to scale. Followed by a gradual better. Starring lineup, makeup photos, posters, stills, trailers, trailer, with documentary sections of material nature have different uses, how and when to use should be carefully discussed, appetite is a must, but sometimes you can also deliberately lowering expectations, finally to a surprise, rely on word-of-mouth gradually counterattack. Again, the official propaganda, preheating always only icing on the cake, and can not be timely assistance, this means that even the best publicity, and public opinion to heat, based on the standard of solid, the sincerity of the work, otherwise, everything else will become passive water. So the key is all in convincing performance, propaganda center not wandering, otherwise the audience under your egg into the theater, the next station, in the face of choice, for your trust will be greatly reduced. )相关的主题文章: