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Lawyers said the police video can not prove Scott armed – Sohu news, 43 year old Scott, in the northeast of the city of Victoria, a community was shot and killed by police in the northeast of, 20. Scott family and the strong voice of the outside world, the city of 24 police finally announced the incident when the police car recorder and the police wear the law enforcement recorder video shot by the. A police car driving recorder video display, when the police car came to the site of the incident, there have been a plainclothes policeman pointing a gun at Scott station in the car scene. Then, the police down a uniformed police, ran to the car with a gun. In the confrontation between the police and Scott process, the video was repeatedly shouted a few words, put down the gun". Then Scott came out of the car, but he could not see what was in his hand. It wasn’t long before the video was shot. The picture of the two police immediately around the back of the vehicle. Because of the angle of the camera, the camera can not see what the police. Police released the law enforcement recorder video from another angle to show some pictures of the scene, but wearing a police law enforcement recorder is not shot Scott police. The police went to a law enforcement recorder worn a white car, and in a plainclothes policeman beside stay up. Then, in the process of moving the police, Scott appeared in the lens, but could not see whether he was holding a gun in his hand. However, when Scott appeared again, he was lying on the ground, surrounded by 5 police officers. The first 25 seconds of the video only picture, no sound, the video can not hear gunshots. Therefore, the police questioned whether the video of the video clips were selectively. However, some analysts said that with the establishment of the law enforcement recorder system. In order to save battery and storage space, the law enforcement recorder will be set to record only the latest and most relevant information. Together with these two released video and some photos, police said in the photo is Scott at the time of the incident, the pistol, pistol holster, and the like, allegedly is a marijuana cigarette". There have been anonymous police said, found a gun on the scene of the gun, there are Scott’s blood and DNA, blood is likely to be splashed after being shot by Scott. In the publication of these materials, the Secretary Sherlock Mecklenburg police Patane said, they are in the premise of confirmation will not affect the investigation before the announcement of the final decision of police enforcement of videos and photos. He also said that the case is complex, although from the video to see whether Scott gun, but after the video and other evidence, the police witness testimony combined, can conclude that Scott was indeed carrying weapons. Lawyer: police video can not prove Scott armed 24, Keith, the family lawyer held a news conference on the police released the video in response to the. A lawyer said that although the police released a number of videos, but Scott’s family still insisted that the incident did not hold a gun when Scott. Scott’s family lawyer said the video was not.相关的主题文章: