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Tang Taizong two steed, how went to the Museum of University of Pennsylvania [Abstract] this is the story of six steed in the "SA Lu Zi" and "Quan Mao University of Pennsylvania Museum Tibet Kwa" story. Now in the possession of the Museum of University of Pennsylvania’s "SA purple dew" stone Author: Carle · Meyer, Xie Lin; · Brissac [Abstract] in the past two centuries, Westerners came to China, from the cave, and the palace painting room for taking away the art treasures, sculpture, furniture, porcelain, calligraphy and painting a lot of treasures. "Who Chinese" described in the collection from the Opium War to 1949 this period, the American led Western collectors how to try to gain a history of China art, these relics eventually gave birth to the Chinese antiques market flourished in Europe, but also stimulate Chinese rely on the art market prompted the national treasures back to. This is the story of six steed in the "SA Lu Zi" and "Quan Mao University of Pennsylvania Museum Tibet Kwa" story, the surging news by CITIC Publishing Group authorized to publish. 1935 to 1936, the Chinese art collectors in the United States for the first time in the global debut. It is a landmark Chinese international art exhibition, held in Piccadilly Burlington house of the Royal academy. There are 240 agencies to display exhibits, including not only the United States Museum, as well as China’s first to allow a large number of foreign countries to display the national treasure". To transport 93 boxes in more than and 800 China palace treasures, the British Navy provides a ship named HMS Suffolk escorted ships. George Burroughs and Posey Wahl Youmofu · · David was Britain’s two greatest collectors. They the British Museum and Robert · Lockhart · Hobson, the famous antique dealer loo and Yamanaka Jojiro work together, help to arrange the concentrated exhibition of art. The Expo is said to be the largest ever Chinese exhibition, create a great sensation. At the same time, there is no lack of criticism. The international exhibition of Chinese art is the background of the Japanese occupation of the puppet Manchuria, and ready to invade china. The Chinese government hopes to gain international sympathy and hope that the world will appreciate Chinese art. Therefore, the appreciation of Western art for the first time to China, epoch-making side by side are comparable with each other. Of course, there are some mumbling voice complain. The West believes that China did not come up with their best painting, foreign experts do not feel able to distinguish the difference between good and bad, so the Western scholarship program delayed for decades. Chinese, especially the Tsinghua University researchers believe that foreigners get selected exhibits right, can not ensure the safety of the Chinese lend exhibits, "should not be the important and valuable treasures to foreign countries", and "British Museum was once the art collection, regardless of its value, will not allow it out of the door of the museum". The urgent desire of the Chinese government has not been affected by the opposition. The Republic of China is eager to cultivate the good faith of the West for its own sake.相关的主题文章: