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"Billy · Lynn"; the Shanghai Premiere of the story’s specifications are not restricted to Tencent following the mainland entertainment news held premiere in Beijing on the day before yesterday detonated the capital, became the biggest entertainment annual event ", November 8th, the movie" Billy · Lynn’s midfield war "in Shanghai for the first time in Yingxiu, received unprecedented attention of fans and spectators, called in the event. Director Ang Lee and starring Joe · Alvin, Li Chun debut premiere at the conference site, produced, Bona film group president and founder of Studio CEO, the company in 8, Mr. Business Affair founder Jeff Robinov of Studio8 Lindsey Ms. Bayman also appeared in the conference site, the music, the eighty-fifth best score Oscar winner Mychael Danna also appeared surprise. Ang Lee, director of the scene to the media and the audience recommend the different versions of the film: different versions have different charm, regardless of which is a good story to impress people." Shanghai after the premiere, the film "to the media said" people "cry" and "creeps" viewing experience, good reputation continued high. Ang Lee Qinshou "film" magic weapon "no matter how specifications, the story still tempted" Billy · Lynn’s midfield for war "using the new technology can be made into a film, the late 3D 4K 120, 3D 2K 120 frame frame, 3D frame, 3D 2K 60 2K 24 frames with different specifications for the audience to watch. Ang Lee directed the scene about the different versions of the production experience: each version is my re creation, I spent almost three months to adjust the different versions, each version I have to do the best." For each version of the perception, director Ang Lee stressed: "no matter or look at the 24 frames, 60 frames version, this is a touching story, different versions have different versions of the charm." For most ordinary viewers can see 24 frames 2K 3D version, Ang Lee director said: because it is 120 frames of film, with 24 frames per second to 5 times, but also ordinary 24 frame movie information, 3D will look very good." At the same time, Ang Lee also hope that the audience can see each version, to experience different viewing experience. Ang Lee interpretation of the core story "everyone has a Billy · Lynn" in "Billy · Lynn midfielder Ang Lee through the war", a 19 year old soldier Billy · Lynn’s perspective to show him through "the most glorious and worst day. The content of the story the film director Ang Lee scene interpretation: "by comparing a halftime show and battlefield, tell a story of growing up, this is to tempt me." Alvin, who starred in the film, said: "in the final analysis, this is a story about the soul, the human nature, about how a boy becomes a man and finds himself in the process of being a man."." Li Chun also said: "this is also a great growth for me, feel yourself."相关的主题文章: