Xuzhou procuratorate refused to arrange the streets to go to the Municipal Committee on duty not man-pp点点通2006

Xuzhou procuratorate prosecutor refused to arrange the party: compulsory duty to Sohu news in June 8th this year, held in Xuzhou to create a national civilized city will promote the requirements around the weak link of assessment to carry out special rectification actions. According to the map of Xuzhou Civilization Network News (reporter Wang Yu Wang Mengyao) because I don’t want to go to "maintain the road traffic order, Xuzhou City People’s Procuratorate through a public statement, let oneself become the focus. 28 afternoon, the Xuzhou municipal procuratorate by the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Procuratorate official WeChat, open sound, to create a civilized city launched the "Street staff of procuratorial system". Yesterday morning, the Xuzhou municipal Party Committee Propaganda Minister Feng Qipu responded to the Beijing News reporter said that the creation of civilized traffic order, is a voluntary activity, not mandatory tasks. As a judicial organ, the procuratorate has the freedom not to participate in the activities, but still has to take part in other types of service activities. Procuratorate is the "bag" to maintain traffic in August 25th, Xuzhou local media have issued a document called the city’s more than and 100 enterprises and institutions, in the process of creating a national civilized city, need to assist the traffic police on duty and wardens to promote traffic civilization, maintaining the road traffic order. In a list of network transfer, the city of Xuzhou, 102 intersections, the 27 bus station, was a package to the various organs and units. Informed sources told the Beijing News reporter revealed that the list by the local media from the traffic police department, and the "bag" refers to the "contract Guakao", meaning "contract". Beijing News reporter noted that in this list, Xuzhou city procuratorate impressively, responsible for Nine Mile Road and Shandong road intersection". In addition, the court also has its own "bag hanging" interval. Previously, issued a notice of Xuzhou city to create a national civilized city headquarters "that all units involved in duty time for Monday to Friday morning from 7 to 9:30, 4:30 in the afternoon at 6:30 Saturday morning at 8:30 to 6:30 to 10 pm, 4 pm. Procuratorate issued a document to refuse such an arrangement, apparently did not get the approval of the Xuzhou municipal procuratorate. 28 afternoon, the Xuzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate through the Jiangsu provincial procuratorate official WeChat public development text to be rejected. In this statement, the Xuzhou municipal procuratorate, members of the unit to create work as Xuzhou city procuratorate ", conscientiously implement the Xuzhou Municipal Committee of the decision, will perform prosecutorial functions according to law, the actual effectiveness of judicial, clean and efficient for Xuzhou to create a national city civilization to provide honest and orderly market environment, harmonious and stable the social environment, the administration environment, the legal environment of fairness and justice and comfort wonderfull life environment". The prosecutor took to the streets on duty ", Xuzhou city procuratorate said, will strictly enforce the general office of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued the" protection of the judicial personnel perform their statutory duties prescribed by law ", do not arrange the prosecutor in beyond the scope of statutory duties of affairs, do not organize any prosecution personnel on duty to assist. Whether the court officers will go to the streets on duty, the Beijing News reporter yesterday contacted the Xuzhou intermediate people’s court, a publicity officer said.相关的主题文章: