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Beijing – -63 video home of overseas Chinese professionals and 13 overseas dream garden signed 63 overseas Chinese professionals and 13 overseas dream garden signed [comment] in September 12th, 63 overseas Chinese professionals during the co chairman of the seventh session of the overseas Chinese professionals respectively. Chinese 13 overseas dream garden 103 signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Qiu Yuanping China State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office director attended the signing ceremony. It is understood that the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office in cooperation with local governments, set up in the national development strategy zone "overseas dream garden" is a major measure to play to the advantages of overseas Chinese service national economic and technological development, but also the implementation of "an important carrier of Wanqiao innovation action". At present, the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office founded the overseas dream garden park has 13. Dr. Li Jianping, Professor of economics at University in Japan told reporters that the concept of "overseas dream garden" is particularly good, especially for the high-tech project of the returnees venture to build a good platform to provide services like timely rain. The same period [] (in Japanese university professor of economics, Dr. Li Jianping) I think the State Council made the first overseas dream garden, this concept is especially good for overseas students, especially in high tech projects abroad, home business to build a good platform for them in fund-raising, and entrepreneurship the first site to provide convenient, as timely as to provide the service, so we feel very happy before you to start a business, to a place, some services do not know, the overseas dream garden, can set up service for everyone. [comment] Canada CRE Association, ABZ’s North American president Zhang Lijun also introduced, she was fortunate enough to visit Guangdong, Fujian, Nanjing and other 5 overseas dream garden, from the beginning to now visit, she found that "the change of overseas dream garden is very large, which is very exciting and exhilarating. But now should be through the introduction of various aspects to make up for the current shortage. The same period [] (president of ABZ North America Canada China President Zhang Lijun) we have the advantage of the project, so want to put so the advantage of the project to China, of course China at present, has a good development, there are many good advantages, but it does have a lot of foreign learning, like Qiu said the innovation of science and technology, we still considered this new point, we hope that through the introduction of various aspects, then we can make up for the lack of it, so when I heard these words, I think we China now belongs to economic growth in most countries, so confident in our Chinese. Also know that learning, I think this is a very proud place. [commentary] at present, overseas Chinese professionals are still the main body of China’s introduction of overseas high-end talent. Since the implementation of the "thousand person plan" in 2008, China’s introduction of overseas high-tech talent from 90% to 95% is a high-level talent for overseas Chinese, China’s implementation of innovation driven development strategy has made a unique contribution. Where Xi Chengdu reporter reports相关的主题文章: