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The famous scholar Professor Xue Jundu Memorial – International – in Washington on 28 August, (reporter Peng Hui) in August 27th, the famous Chinese American scholar Professor Xue Jundu memorial service will be held in Maryland, silver spring, Professor Xue residence, Nanjing University, University of Maryland, dozens of people from all walks of life friend Xue Cointreau to attend the memorial. The memorial service organized by Nanjing University. Nanjing University, deputy curator of the museum and library deputy director Shi Mei said in his speech, Professor Xue Jundu is a famous historian, Huang Xing, in 1961 he completed the "China revolution" one book, is indispensable to the study of modern history of China classic, is to read the work of the revolution of 1911, sea highly both at home and abroad. Professor Xue is the famous international experts on the issue, from foreign to economy, from Asia to Europe and the United States, the research covered a wide range of international issues and analysis of the political situation in the creative, attracting the attention of Chinese scholars. Professor Xue Jundu engaged in education and public welfare undertakings, who were at the Columbia University and the Nanjing University established Chinese Professor Xue Cointreau lecture fund, has donated money to the University of Cambridge, Free University Berlin and other schools and institutions. Confucius, the first American Confucius school — Maryland university professor Xue Jundu donated, Confucius Dean of University of Maryland, Cui Jianxin told reporters, Xue Cointreau enthusiastic support of Confucius college building, donated $about 300000 to the Confucius Institute, and served as honorary president of Confucius College’s First University of Maryland, to support Chinese Language Teaching and Chinese cultural communication. The heart of his native country Xue Cointreau, the collection of books and precious paintings donated to the Nanjing University, the Nanjing University library will be devoted to the establishment of "Professor Xue Cointreau collection donated, collection and preservation of these precious materials, and open to researchers. Professor Xue Jundu’s good friend Ms. Zhu, Professor Xue died on June 9th, in June 3rd still humming "Anthem", on the expression of homeland nostalgia. Professor Xue Jundu was born in 1922, died in June 9, 2016. The United States, he and Mr. Huang Xing’s daughter Huang Dehua married Huang Xing, and become a research and the history of the 1911 Revolution of the experts, he is also the chairman of the Huang Xing foundation, is influential in the historian and scholar of international relations, is an invited Chinese scholars in the United States Congress speech, enjoys a high reputation in the sea inside and outside. Share to: (commissioning editor: Liu Le (Intern), Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: