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"The most adorable height difference" exposure ultimate notice poster Gao Yixiang love entertainment "- Sohu rejected the height difference between the most adorable" ultimate poster [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news by Gao Yixiang, Wang Shuilin, Fan Tiantian, nine romantic comedy starring "the most adorable height difference" will be landing in theaters nationwide on November 25th comedy. Today, the film side released a heavy "dare" Ultimate Trailer and the ultimate poster, a full range of exposure of Gao Yixiang and Wang in the movie "most CP" sweet life funny everyday. Gao Yixiang Gao Yixiang was walking Sunglasses handsome offbeat love frequent large-scale classic lines the ultimate poster with Tetris – red and yellow, blue and green color contrast is divided into four regions, the new show on the details of which are quarrelsome lovers sweet, intimate bedroom Princess holding, supermarket shopping spree, each model xiaodaxiaonao…… Gao Yixiang Wang Shuilin, a lively and vivid expression, the 90 couples get along at the time of vivid interpretation of the passions. "Dare" 90 seconds notice, the plot line is more clear, several characters Gao Yixiang, Wang Shuilin and van Tiantian have new lens exposure. In a relaxed and pleasant background music, the trailer rhythm is natural and simple, with many classic funny lines: Gao Yixiang and Wang Shuilin met in a cafe about urban love rhythm, is nothing more than "eat, drink, roll sheets; library met again, Wang Shuilin was photographed" unbearable "," at how old are you how old are you? "; two people singled out fighting for the turf at the basketball hall, are not convinced to stand together, attracted the crowd exclaimed" Oh, most adorable height difference, God level lines are frequent, laugh about it. At the same time, Gao Yixiang over the years to establish a refined gentleman image in the film broken, he plays "Zhang Xiao" is a "no brainer" overbearing president on the line, love way offbeat eye popping, express was refused to play a "powerful cockroach spirit", again to challenge the sweetheart: "summer mini, do you dare to play a game with me?" Gao Yixiang metrosexual man would eventually be outrageous? We have to wait for the audience to find the answer. Weird Wang Shuilin hilarious comedy "focus" is expected to become the most adorable height difference with decompression artifact 90 seconds long movie trailer exposure, "" the story of the most adorable height difference surfaced, Gao Yixiang’s "Zhang Xiao" of Wang Shuilin’s "summer Xiling" love at first sight, but repeated overbearing love cold-shoulder treatment. History is the most miserable that action. In the joy of farce, a large number of "God replies," the classic lines appeared frequently, with the ups and downs of the story, hilarious comedy full of temperament. At the same time, the film stories focus on the present conception of expression of young audience open view of marriage and love, the details are close to the scene in the university the true state of life, including two dimensional animation, online world, COSPLAY and other sub cultural elements, the film side full of sincerity, the audience can expect strong emotional resonance for commuters and young students high crowd favorite. This summer, Gao Yixiang with "meet Wang Lichuan" in the "Wang Lichuan" corner.相关的主题文章: