Zhang Ziyi starred in the Chen Zhengdao film Cang cliff South Korea Co production start next year-dnf商人吧

Zhang Ziyi starred in the Chen Zhengdao film "Cang cliff" Zhang Ziyi and South Korea Co production start next year, Chen Zhengdao Zhang Ziyi Cox is acting not play Wong Kar Wai’s "flowers" is currently not spectrum, however, she is a new film have been taking shape, that is produced by the Huayi Brothers, the film directed by Chen Ching "Cang cliff". The day before the SARFT filing project, the record company one of the "SSYMB think-tank" Zhang Ziyi is also the brokerage company. Say "Ya" Cang many people may feel strange, but the film project from the story, this movie is Zhang Ziyi’s new film "last year came the old doll", "old doll" adapted from the novel of the same name in Korea, "herb" as the basic frame of the story of the legend. The film tells the story before the curator Carmen’s father’s murder she sent a message, let her find a mask he left the Qin dynasty. Interest groups in order to receive his father’s mask, began to kill carmen. Xue bud and Carmen begins to explore the hidden secrets of herb journey mask. "It seems" Cang cliff "project" Cang cliff is a suspense thriller genre, and the film in the SARFT is to co production project, it is understood, because the plot spans in Japan and South Korea’s history, so the film will also be in the viewfinder, and early next year is expected to start. Last year, Korean media also reported, Zhang Ziyi issued an invitation to each other in the film to the South Korean actor Lee Min Ho, Lee Min Ho said that because the script is not complete, so wait, now everything is ready, I do not know whether Lee Min Ho is also expected to participating? However, there is rumor, Huang Bo will join the film alongside Zhang Ziyi, but the news is not currently get official confirmation of Huang Bo company.相关的主题文章: