The end of the holiday! The temperature of the seven day class falls below 10 centigrade from tomorr-sweets parade

The end of the holiday! Tomorrow, even seven days the temperature dropped to 10 degrees Celsius and a cold air, a light rain, and a gust of cool autumn. As we were still complaining about the fall of her footsteps, she had quickly slipped down to the late autumn. The rain wet yellow leaves, the dew sunk in the morning, gradually become the normal. Tomorrow is the dew solar term, and these days the sporadic rainfall, also ended, opened 7 days of "working day" curtain. But in the next week, our province will continue to usher in the two short showers or rain weather, temperatures will continue to decline, the minimum temperature will drop to 10 degrees below. According to the forecast, tomorrow, cloudy days in the East and south of our province are cloudy, and the other areas are cloudy and cloudy. Most of the province will still be accompanied by about 4 levels of northeastern wind. On Sunday, there are cloudy and cloudy days in the West and the north of our province, in some areas there are small rain or sporadic rain, and the other areas are cloudy and cloudy. Next Monday, the whole province is cloudy, in most areas there are small rain or sporadic rain. According to the forecast of Henan Meteorological Observatory, there will be two short-time showers or rainy days in our province next week, on Wednesday (12) and Saturday (15) respectively. It is estimated that the Western rainfall is slightly more than that of the same period in the same period, and the other areas are close to the same period of the same year. In terms of weather change, the cold air forces that affect our province next week are weak, and the temperature in the week is not large. It is expected that the Zhou Pingjun temperature in the whole province is close to the same period of the year. The Zhou Pingjun temperature in the western mountainous area is 14 C – 15 C, and the other areas are 15 – 17 C. The extreme minimum temperature in the week, 8 degrees C – 10 C in the western mountain area and 11 – 13 C in other areas. Specifically, from Monday to Tuesday (10 to 11 days), there are cloudy days in the West and southwest, with short showers in some areas, and cloudy days in other areas. Wednesday (12), in most parts of the south of the Yellow River, there are showers or showers in most areas of the cloudy sky. There are cloudy days in other areas and showers in some parts. Friday (15 days), affected by the eastward movement of short wave trough, there is a shower or rain weather in most areas of the province. (big river client)

假期结束!明天起连上七天班 气温跌至10℃以下一股又一股冷空气,一场又一场小雨,一阵又一阵秋凉。当我们还在抱怨秋天的脚步太姗姗时,她已经快速滑落至深秋时节。雨湿黄叶,露沉晨曦,渐成了常态。明天就是白露节气,而这几天的零星降雨,也暂告结束,开启7天“工作日”大幕。但到了下周,我省将陆续迎来两次短时阵雨或小雨天气,气温也将持续走低,最低气温将跌至10度以下。根据预报,明天,我省东部、南部阴天转多云;其它地区多云到晴天。全省大部分地区仍将伴有4级左右东北风。周日,我省西部、北部多云转阴天,部分地区有小雨或零星小雨;其它地区多云到阴天。下周一,全省阴天,大部分地区有小雨或零星小雨。根据河南省气象台预报,下周我省有两次短时阵雨或小雨天气过程,时间分别在周三(12日)和周六(15日)前后。预计周降水量西部较常年同期略偏多、其它地区接近常年同期。气象变化方面,下周影响我省的冷空气势力较弱,周内气温变幅不大。预计全省周平均气温接近常年同期。周平均气温西部山区14℃——15℃,其它地区15℃——17℃。周内极端最低气温北部、西部山区8℃——10℃,其它地区11℃——13℃。具体来说,周一到周二(10到11日),西部、西南部阴天间多云,部分地区有短时阵雨;其它地区多云间阴天。周三(12日),黄河以南地区阴天大部分地区有阵雨或小雨;其他地区阴天间多云,局部有阵雨。周五(15日)前后,受短波槽东移影响,全省大部分地区有一次阵雨或小雨天气。(大河客户端)相关的主题文章: