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The winners of Guangxi CNC skills competition were awarded "Guangxi technical experts" — Guangxi channel of people’s Network — people’s network Nanning September 30, from September 27th to 30th, the seventh Guangxi numerical control skills competition was held in Liuzhou. More than 200 athletes from 8 cities and autonomous regions in the region and 22 teams from the professional colleges and universities participated in the competition. Excellent players will have the opportunity to be evaluated as "Guangxi technical experts" and be promoted to their corresponding professional qualifications of senior technicians, technicians and senior technicians according to their performance. From Liugong group Zhou Yingfeng, had three consecutive times to the CNC lathe first results on behalf of Guangxi to participate in the national finals, during which he learned from an ordinary technical school students become the backbone of the enterprise’s technical staff, but he believes that the skill level need to temper only to improve this year, he again entered the race. This year’s final game of NC technique is based on the trials, set up a total of CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, machining center operator, CNC machine tool installation maintenance five race occupation, divided into workers group, teachers and students of 3 race groups. The machining center operator (five axis) for a double tournament, divided into 2 groups of workers and college group competition group. The content of each professional competition includes two parts: theoretical knowledge and skill operation. The core is to assess the comprehensive vocational ability of students, teachers and employees, and pay attention to parts accuracy, processing details and process assessment. Part time of skill operation is 4-5 hours. From equipment debugging, computer programming to process design, every step is linked to each other, which is also a great test for athletes’ psychological pressure. The operation of multi axis machining center is more complex, and the technology is more rigorous and the competition is more difficult. However, compared with the previous one, the number of participants increased by twice, reflecting the great demand of modern manufacturing and processing technology for highly skilled talents. According to Jin Zufeng, the referee of the competition, the scale of Guangxi CNC skills competition expanded year by year, and the number of participants increased from the first dozens to more than 200. In the developed areas of mold manufacturing, CNC technology is widely used, and senior CNC talents are very tight. This contest aims to build a stage to improve the exchange, learn skills, presentation skills level for Guangxi CNC industry elite, the selection of NC top master skills contest of high skilled talents in Guangxi CNC, boosting training, guide enterprises and workers and students of vocational colleges to study assiduously knowledge, technology, skill talent go the road. This event is co sponsored by Guangxi human resources and social security department, Guangxi Education Department, Guangxi science and technology hall and Federation of trade unions, Guangxi vocational skill appraisal center, Guangxi mechanical senior technical school and Liuzhou Vocational and Technical College. (Zhang Honglu, Chen Zhencheng, Wei (): Xu Jinwen, commissioning editor Chen Lulu)

广西数控技能大赛获奖选手可获评“广西技术能手”–人民网广西频道–人民网 人民网南宁9月30日电 9月27日至30日,第七届广西数控技能大赛在柳州举行。来自全区8个市和自治区直属职业院校共22支代表队的200多名选手参加了本次比赛。优秀选手将有机会获评“广西技术能手”,并按竞赛成绩分别晋升其高级工、技师、高级技师等相应等级的职业资格。 来自柳工集团的周颖峰,曾经连续三次以数控车工全区第一名的成绩代表广西参加全国决赛,在这期间他从一名普通的技校生变成了企业的骨干技术人员,但是他认为技能水平需要不断磨炼才有提高,今年他又一次报名参加比赛。 今年的数控技能大赛决赛是在各市选拔赛的基础上进行,共设置了数控车工、数控铣工、加工中心操作工、数控机床装调维修工等五个竞赛职业,分设职工组、教师组和学生组3个竞赛组别。其中加工中心操作工(五轴)为双人赛项,分设职工组和院校组2个竞赛组别。 各职业竞赛内容包括理论知识和技能操作两部分,以考核学生、教师和职工的综合职业能力为核心,注重零件精度、加工细节和工艺过程的考核。技能操作部分考试时间为4-5个小时,从设备调试、电脑编程到工艺设计,每个步骤环环相扣,对选手的心理压力也是非常大的考验。 多轴加工中心的操作相对更为复杂,技术工艺更为严密,竞赛难度更大,但是与上届相比,参赛人数增加了一倍,反映出现代制造加工技术对高技能人才的极大需求。据大赛裁判长金祖峰介绍,广西数控技能比赛的规模逐年扩大,参赛人数由第一届的几十人增加到现在的200多人,在模具制造业发达的地区,数控技术广泛运用,高级数控人才非常紧俏。 这次技能大赛旨在为广西数控行业的精英们搭建一个切磋技艺、交流提高、展示技能水平的大舞台,通过举办技能大赛选拔数控顶尖高手,助推广西数控高技能人才培养,引导企业职工和各类职业院校师生努力学习知识、刻苦钻研技术,走技能成才之路。 本次赛事由广西人力资源和社会保障厅、广西教育厅、广西科学技术厅、总工会共同主办,广西职业技能鉴定中心、广西机械高级技工学校和柳州职业技术学院承办。(张红璐、韦力、陈振成) (责编:许荩文、陈露露)相关的主题文章: