The 13 year old girl was challenged by her mother’s boyfriend in the presence of a parent.-stanley博士的家2

13 year old girl was raped on Mother’s boyfriend mother advised "endure" a second Shenyang girl was raped mother’s boyfriend of three years, in the body and mind tortured on the occasion, the less than 14 year old girl chose to forbear. Even more unthinkable, the mother, in the name of "thinking about her daughter", coaxed her daughter into a rental room for sex. Seeing her daughter being ravaged, her mother was lying on the side of a cell phone and persuaded her daughter to bear it. To three years later, tortured girl finally broke the silence, the father and the students with the help of brave police. And she was the mother of her boyfriend’s SMS threat: "do not go to close the case, put your nude online." The day before, the rape case verdict Yuhong District People’s court in Shenyang City, the mother and her boyfriend were found guilty of rape, sentenced to ten years imprisonment, were sentenced to fourteen years. The mother watched silent boyfriend raped daughter "daughter, mother like you! Come to my house at night, mom gives you a good meal. " One day in September 2012, Wang Xiaoli, a Shenyang girl who had just received the call from her junior year, received the phone call from her mother. She was very happy because she had been living with her father since her parents divorced. Because her mother had found a boyfriend again, she didn’t see her mother very often. But Wang Xiaoli did not think that this time to go to the mother’s house was the beginning of a nightmare. Wang Xiaoli’s mother, duo, was 35 years old, and Huang, a 39 year old boyfriend, lived in a flat house in Shenyang. Wang Xiaoli recalls: "my mother gave me a bottle of water that night. I was a little sleepy and I went to sleep…" After the light went to sleep, her mother, Huang, changed a face. He suddenly threw himself on Wang Xiaoli and raped her. Wang Xiaoli woke up, she cries in fear mother Du Mou for help, "but my mother open eyes I was speechless, after Hwang raped me, she took me to wash……" On the second day, her mother, Du Mou, bought Wang Xiaoli a contraceptive pill and advised her to eat it. Wang Xiaoli was still suffering from the shock, Dumou again went out and found a car and took her back to her father’s house. The father was going to cut his daughter’s lie. "Nothing happened." Wang Xiaoli’s father clearly remembered that it was the morning of September 2012. When he didn’t get up, Wang Xiaoli suddenly came back from his mother’s home. As soon as he entered the house, Wang Xiaoli cried to him, "Dad, I came back from my mother, and he touched me." The father heard that her daughter was bullied and angry, "I took a knife to cut yellow one." Wang Xiaoli was scared, because she was afraid that her father and Hwang would fight. She immediately stopped her father and lied to his father: "Dad, he didn’t bump into me." "Did he not meet you?" Wang Xiaoli said no, and gave up her tears. Father and daughter if he seriously remind half believe and half doubt, her daughter: "don’t fuck you that!" About a week later, mother duo contacted Wang Xiaoli again: "daughter, mom thinks about you." Today I take you to me, you can rest assured that Huang is not at home. Then, Wang Xiaoli went to her mother’s house again. This time, she didn’t think of her mother. She wanted to ask her mother to face to face, "why can you look at me to be bullied? I want to call the police! " The mother took out her daughter’s nude photo, persuaded her daughter to bear it, heard her daughter wanted to call the police, and the mother Du Mouxian was shocked. Then she took out her cell phone to show Wang Xiaoli. "This is a naked photo taken by Huang. You must not provoke him. He can do anything." Wang Xiaoli see, she does have a mobile phone and a yellow lying naked, the picture also photographed her face. Wang Xiaoli saw the picture and angry and angry, at that time, her mother boyfriend Huang came back, she was once again raped by Huang that night. Mother Du Mou seeing her daughter still ravaged, daughter’s help, she still did not dare to say anything. Afterwards, she reminded her daughter not to alarm: "if you don’t want to make him angry, no one could stop him." Wang Xiaoli’s nightmare is not over, she was afraid of Huang bullies mother, worried that Dad will know the truth and Huang fight, the girl under the age of 14 chose to forbear, alone the secret hidden in the heart. Wang Xiaoli can return forbear Hwang become aggravated during the period from July 2013 to December, during the period from December 2013 to September 2014, during the period from September 2014 to October, the mother Du Mou’s help, Hwang also has in the other three cottage in dozens of times to rape Wang Xiaoli, sometimes with a folding knife in her face. "In some bungalows we have had three sexual relations, and some houses have happened dozens of times." Huang recalls that when he bullied Wang Xiaoli, duo was basically present, "at the end of the day she was not here, and I told her later." Wang Xiaoli also confirmed: "how did Huang make me, my mother could not hear, no reaction, no matter." The nude threatened her daughter three years forbear to her boyfriend in the face of police assault, Wang Xiaoli said: "my mother was lying occasionally, sometimes playing mobile phone." On the day of the end of 10 2014, Wang Xiaoli and several classmates met at her grandparents’ home. Wang Xiaoli’s mother and her boyfriend came and said Wang Xiaoli went back to pick up some clothes. Later, the students saw that Wang Xiaoli came back angrily and didn’t take anything. About 9 o’clock in the evening, Wang Xiaoli’s mother and boyfriend came again. The student heard Wang Xiaoli quarrel with her mother: "what did you do yourself, don’t you know?" The classmate asked Wang Xiaoli what happened. Wang Xiaoli showed her text message to his mother’s boyfriend, Huang: "you can talk back at night. You are my woman. I can’t get it. No one else will want to get it. If I don’t go home, I’ll put your nude photos on the school. " Under the inquiries of the students, Wang Xiaoli broke the silence and said that her mother boyfriend raped her. The student advised her to call the police, accompanied by Wang Xiaoli to find his father, and explained what happened. That night, Dad reported the police, the police brought duo and Huang to the inquiry room to ask them, and in their mobile phone they found the naked photos they had taken to Wang Xiaoli. In the Wang Xiaoli report, Huang fear of being caught, and send text messages to her to make her case. Hwang wrote in a short message: "I wrote an advertisement and a picture. If you don’t come back, I’ll put the doorman, then send it to your school, online, and see people, because it’s a live blockbuster." "If you don’t call back I’ll give you a call if I Laoshan, take me a couple of things to let you know how she can, Laoshan, what are the consequences, you think yourself." Two defendants were sentenced to 10 years of rape, and 14 years later, Wang Xiaoli’s mother, Du Mou, and his boyfriend, Huang Mou, were arrested in accordance with the law for rape. During the trial, Huang and Du had no objection to the charges against the prosecution, but the two argued that "no means of violence was used to threaten the victims." The victim’s mother Du Mou is stressed: "I do not take the initiative to help Huang rape my daughter, I was yellow Mouhu lived only to help him do my daughter’s work was confused." Du also argues: "I have a gynecologic disease, can not accompany Huang, I can not give up Huang, I will do his daughter’s work for him." Duer boyfriend Huang said: "before I talked with duer, asked her to do her daughter’s work, let her daughter have sex with me, she didn’t want to, and later agreed." The court held that the defendant Hwang, Du Mou against her will, by violence means long repeatedly raped the same victim, from the victim under the age of fourteen until the age of seventeen, vile, their behavior had constituted the crime of rape, the Department of common crime. About the defendant Hwang, Du Mou proposed not to use violence and allegations, the defendant Dumou proposed it did not take the initiative to help the defendant Hwang’s excuse, because the victim’s statement, witness testimony, hospital injury diagnosis, SMS extract records and other evidence to prove that the defendant Hwang Du, a violation of women’s will, by violence coercion, rape victims, so the court argued for the two defendants should not be adopted. The rape case was sentenced in the first instance of Yuhong District People’s court. Huang was convicted of rape. He was sentenced to fourteen years in prison. Duer was convicted of rape and sentenced to ten years in prison. Two defendants expressed no appeal. Wang Xiaoli’s mother, duo, said, "it hurts my daughter too, but I was scared, and I was confused at that time…" Now, in this case the victim Wang Xiaoli re lived a quiet life, why talk about the trial 3 years before the alarm, she said: "don’t want to let my mother be a yellow bully, also do not want to let dad know this with Huang a fight." (Shenyang evening news Chinese Youth Network)

13岁少女遭母亲男友性侵 亲母在场反劝“忍忍”沈阳一名初二女孩惨遭母亲男友性侵三年,可在身体和心灵备受摧残之际,这个不到14岁的女孩却选择了隐忍。更令人匪夷所思的是,这位母亲每次都是以“想女儿”为名,哄骗女儿到出租房供男友性侵。眼看着女儿被蹂躏,母亲竟躺在一旁玩手机,还劝女儿“忍一忍”。隐忍三年后,饱受折磨的女孩最终打破沉默,在父亲和同学的帮助下勇敢地报了警。可她又遭到母亲男友的短信威胁:“不去销案,就把你的裸照传到网上。”日前,这起强奸案在沈阳市于洪区人民法院一审宣判,这位母亲和她的男友均因犯强奸罪,分别被判处有期徒刑十年、有期徒刑十四年。男友性侵女儿 母亲看着不吱声“女儿啊,妈想你了!晚上来我家,妈给你做好吃的。”2012年9月的一天,刚上初二的沈阳女孩王小丽(化名)接到母亲电话,她心里很高兴,因为父母离异后,她一直和父亲生活,由于母亲又找了男朋友,她与母亲并不是经常见面。可王小丽没想到,这一次去母亲家,竟是一场噩梦的开始。王小丽的母亲杜某当时35岁,和39岁的男友黄某在沈阳市于洪区的一处平房租房同居。王小丽回忆:“当天晚上我妈给了我一瓶水,我喝完有些困,就睡了……”熄灯睡觉后,母亲男友黄某变了一副嘴脸,他突然扑到了王小丽身上,强奸了她。王小丽在睡梦中惊醒,她恐惧地呼喊母亲杜某求助,“可我妈睁眼睛看我不吱声,黄某强奸完我之后,她领我下地洗了洗……”第二天,母亲杜某给王小丽买了避孕药,劝她吃下去。王小丽还在惊魂未定中,杜某又出门找了一台车,把她送回了她父亲家。父亲要砍他 女儿撒谎“没碰着”王小丽的父亲清晰地记得,那是2012年9月份的一天早上,他当时还没起床,王小丽就突然从母亲家回来了。刚一进屋,王小丽就哭着对他说:“爸,我从我妈那回来,他(母亲男友黄某)碰我了。”父亲听说女儿被欺负了,瞬间暴怒,“我这就拿刀去砍黄某。”王小丽见状害怕了,因为怕父亲和黄某打起来,她立即将父亲拦住了,并跟父亲撒谎:“爸,他其实没碰着我。”“他真没碰着你吗?”王小丽说没有,委屈地忍住了泪水。父亲对女儿的话半信半疑,他严肃地提醒女儿:“以后不要去你妈那!”大约一周后,母亲杜某再次联系王小丽:“女儿,妈想你了。今天我接你去我那,你放心,黄某不在家。”随后,王小丽又去了母亲家,这次她不是想妈妈了,而是想当面跟母亲问个究竟:“你为啥能眼看着我被欺负?我要报警!”母亲拿出女儿裸照 劝女儿忍忍听到女儿要报警,母亲杜某先是吓了一跳,接着又掏出手机给王小丽看,“这是黄某给你拍的裸照,你千万别惹他,他可什么都能干出来。”王小丽看到,手机里确实有她和黄某躺着的裸体照,照片里还拍到了她的正脸。王小丽看到照片又气又怒,就在这时,母亲男友黄某回来了,她当晚再次被黄某强奸。母亲杜某还是眼看着女儿被蹂躏,面对女儿的求助,她仍是没敢吭声。事后,她再次提醒女儿不要报警:“你要是不愿意,把他惹急眼了,谁也拦不住他。”王小丽的噩梦没有就此结束,她怕黄某欺负妈妈,又担心爸爸知道真相后会和黄某打架,这个未满14岁的女孩选择了隐忍,将秘密独自藏在了心里。可王小丽的隐忍换来了黄某的变本加厉,在2013年7月至12月期间,2013年12月至2014年9月期间,2014年9月至10月期间,在母亲杜某的协助下,黄某又先后在其他三处平房内数十次强奸了王小丽,有时候还用一把折叠刀在她面前晃。“有的平房里我们发生过三次性关系,有的平房里发生过几十次。”黄某回忆,他欺负王小丽时杜某基本都在场,“最后这次她不在,我过后告诉她了。”王小丽也证实:“黄某怎么逼我,我母亲都当听不见,没有任何反应,一点也不管。”受裸照威胁 女儿隐忍三年报警面对男友对女儿的性侵,王小丽说:“我母亲在场有时候躺着,有时候玩手机。”2014年10月末的一天,王小丽和几个同学在她的姥姥家聚会,这时,王小丽的母亲和男友来了,说接王小丽回去取点衣服。后来,同学看到,王小丽很生气地回来了,什么也没有拿。大约晚上9时,王小丽的母亲和男友又来了,同学听见王小丽跟她母亲吵架:“你自己做了什么事,你自己不知道吗?”同学问王小丽怎么了,王小丽给她看了母亲男友黄某发来的短信:“你晚上回来好好谈谈,你是我的女人,我得不到,别人也别想得到。如果不回家,我就往学校贴你的裸照。”在同学的追问下,王小丽打破了沉默,说出了母亲男友强奸她的事。同学劝她报警,陪着王小丽找到爸爸,讲明了事情经过。当晚,爸爸报了警,民警将杜某和黄某分别带到问询室问话,在他俩的手机里发现了他们给王小丽拍的裸照。在王小丽报案之后,黄某怕被抓,又给她发短信让她销案。黄某在短信中写道:“我写了一张广告和一张照片,你不回来我就放门卫,然后发给你学校、网上,看的人保证多,因为是真人大片。”“你再不回电话我就只好给你姥打电话了,如果我把咱俩的事让你姥知道,她能怎么样,是什么后果,你自己想吧。”两名被告犯强奸罪分别被判处10年、14年不久,王小丽母亲杜某和其男友黄某因涉嫌强奸罪被依法刑拘。庭审时,黄某和杜某均对公诉机关指控的罪名没有异议,但二人都辩称:“没有使用暴力手段威胁被害人。”被害人母亲杜某更是强调:“我没有主动帮助过黄某强奸我女儿,我是被黄某唬住了才帮他做我女儿的工作,当时糊涂了。”杜某还辩称:“我患有妇科病,陪不了黄某,我也舍不得黄某,我就替他做女儿的工作了。”杜某男友黄某说:“之前我和杜某商量,让她做她女儿的工作,让她女儿跟我发生性关系,她开始不愿意,后来同意了。”法院认为,被告人黄某、杜某违背妇女意志,以暴力胁迫的手段长期多次奸淫同一被害人,从该被害人不满十四周岁开始持续到其十七周岁,情节恶劣,其行为均已构成强奸罪,系共同犯罪。关于被告人黄某、杜某提出的其未使用暴力手段的辩解,及被告人杜某提出的其没有主动帮助过被告人黄某的辩解,因有被害人的陈述、证人证言、医院伤情诊断书,短信提取记录等证据证实,能够证明被告人黄某、杜某违背妇女意志,以暴力胁迫的手段强奸被害人,故对二被告人的辩解法院不予采纳。这起强奸案在沈阳市于洪区人民法院一审宣判,黄某犯强奸罪,被判处有期徒刑十四年;杜某犯强奸罪,被判处有期徒刑十年。两名被告人均表示不上诉。王小丽母亲杜某悔恨地说:“也心疼女儿,但我被吓唬住了,当时糊涂了……”如今,本案被害人王小丽重新过上了平静的生活,谈及为何隐忍3年才报警,她曾说:“不想让妈妈被黄某欺负,也不想让爸爸知道这事跟黄某打架。”(辽沈晚报 中国青年网)相关的主题文章: