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Gansu man who killed two women "with marriage" is the police arrested the western network (Shaanxi radio and television today click "" reporter Cui Xiaoyu He Yazhou) as the saying goes: "Trinidad marriage line", if this line refers to the words of matchmakers, so they are often doing good deeds, contribute to a better marriage good. But in our program today, a matchmaker is over sixty years of age do anything bad, in violation of the law. In April 13, 2016, Wu Qi County Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade squadron of police horse camp in Wu Qi to Gansu province Huachi County on the road passing vehicles on a routine inspection, a suspension of commercial vehicle licenses Gan M attracted the attention of police. During the routine inspection of the vehicle, the police found that a female body was pulled in the car. Wuqi County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade squadron captain city high Jiguo: no coffin, according to our local customs should have the coffin, or the presence of other relatives can witness, back in the car all off, directly lying on a stretcher above the upper cover a quilt. The situation was somewhat abnormal, and the police officers immediately reported to their superiors. After receiving the report, Wuqi County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade police immediately rushed to the scene to investigate. Wuqi County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade chief Wu Xubo: Ma asked when the first from his face, feeling his face tight, then our questions in his answer in the contradictory. The police learned that there were two people in the business car, and the driver, Yang, was employed in Ma, ready to pull the body to the Yulin area. Due to a horse body source evasive, refused to explain, the police immediately to the vehicle and the woman were withheld, and suspicion of the crime of trafficking in women for investigation. In the subsequent investigation, Ma said the woman is drawn after the death of family members to the city of Yulin commissioned by a man with a marriage. During the trial, Ma Mou confessed that the female corpse was his relative. The Qingyang people in Gansu province was named Liu Moumou, and Ma Mou gave the identity card of Liu Mou to the police who handled the case. Wuqi County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade Deputy captain Gao Yanning: by Ma provide proof of identity, we rushed to the Gansu city of Qingyang province Yi Ma Zhen, Liu’s mother found in Yi Ma zhen. Liu Mou’s mother introduced to the police that she did have a daughter suffering from mental illness. She was taken away by a matchmaker named Ma before this year’s Qingming Festival, and he said he had introduced the object. Then, whether the body is to see the object of Liu and Mou of the police with the brother of Liu and MOU will be brought to Wu Qi to identify the body. Wuqi County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade squadron captain city high Jiguo: by identifying the identification results, we feel very surprised. Wuqi County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade chief Wu Xubo: that he gave us the body let him recognize not his sister. Wuqi County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade Deputy captain Gao Yanning: I found the dead are not Liu, but another woman. A car pulled the woman is not a suspect named Ma explained Liu Moumou, Liu XX and so true where the car pulled the bodies of women and who she is this a series of problems to death in front of the police. The police immediately set up a task force to investigate the case, at the same time, forensic also tested on this body. Wuqi County Public Security Bureau Criminal Police Science Technical Room Liu Shengyu: We examined the body, postmortem examination found no obvious trauma, also found no signs of asphyxia, however, we carefully check the table, found her hips had two similar needle like damage. Then, the two needle shaped damage and the death of the deceased. What is the relationship between the suspect named Ma tight lipped, the police did not get any valuable clues from his mouth. After analysis, the police decided to find out the breakthrough from the driver Yang of the carcass. After interrogation, Yang gave an important clue. Wuqi County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade squadron captain city high Jiguo: at that time, Yang gave us to reflect, he is less than ten days in a short period of time, employed by a person in the same place, pull the two bodies. The police immediately led the driver yang to Gansu province county village Qu on-site identification, a hole cave in the village, the police have a major discovery. Wuqi County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade chief Wu Xubo: we in the kiln door about a meter many places found fragments of glass, the glass is similar to the medicine bottle of this kind of thing, and in caves by Yao Zhang place that plastic cloth, MS Line pants, also has a relatively old electric blanket according to the suspect Yang, the plastic cloth that he was to pull the body of the piece of plastic cloth for hide the body. After careful investigation of the scene, the police in the case found a tight plastic bag in a pile of bricks. Wuqi County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade chief Wu Xubo: we put the open, opened after the discovery of wrapped layers, in the process we open, we feel that this is not the possession of any important items, finally opened and found this is hidden in a syringe. The syringe and vial pieces, plus the forensic found the bodies of two needle shaped body of the damage, let the case seem to gradually clear up, the police judged, this is likely to be a case of intentional homicide. Yang in the identification of the site at the same time, the police task force on the suspect named Ma psychological policy, and out the relevant evidence, the suspect’s psychological defense began to collapse. The suspect named Ma: because Liu and the other woman has a mental illness, and no one around, after the death of people, who do not know whether they have no disease, besides, the dead can sell a good price, so I will give them an injection, will kill them, then with Yin marriage. Police investigation found that the criminal suspect Ma was 62 years old, Qingyang, Gansu. In February this year, he released, because the money, they ask around and mentally retarded women with mental illness, trying to "the object" collect "betrothal gift" profit. At the beginning of April this year, he paid 2000 yuan Liu family, Liu XX to a hole cave village in Qu county, Liu Moumou of continuous injection of three lethal injection, until after the death of Yang driving the vehicle, hire the bodies shipped to pull the city of Yulin, was introduced to the local a village of people with marriage, a profit of 35000 yuan, 5000 yuan profit broker. Wuqi County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade Deputy captain Gao Yanning: Ma to Liu’s corpse to sell a town, Shenmu county of Yulin City, through the investigation, found a family surnamed Liu Jia Cha Zhen bought for his brother with marriage, sure they buy the body is a horse who sold him Liu a. The marriage with Yin corpse selling after the success of the suspect began to identify mentally retarded women. In mid April this year, Ma also to introduce an object on the grounds, the Central Plains of Zhenyuan County of Gansu province people on a wing, abducted from the street again, Ma will be brought to a Rong County village of the flexor caves, to the lethal injection, until after the death, and get in touch with the people of Yulin Chen ready to 42000 yuan, the bodies will be sold with marriage. So, Ma again contacted Yang for its transport the body, did not expect the vehicle to Wuqi county territory seized by the public security department, this is the beginning of the program of the woman found. For killing two women, "with marriage" to seek money, this means is really cruel, waiting for the suspect will be severely punished by law. At present, the "marriage with the feudal vulgar is still prevalent in some rural areas, the construction of spiritual civilization in rural areas needs to be further strengthened. Therefore, the local authorities must not only crack down on such illegal and criminal acts, but also to popularize scientific knowledge to the masses, to curb the traditional vulgar fundamentally.

甘肃男子连杀两名女子"配阴婚" 被吴起警方抓获   西部网讯(陕西广播电视台《今日点击》记者 崔晓羽 贺亚洲)俗话说:“千里姻缘一线牵”,如果这根线指的是媒人的话,那么他们干的往往是积德行善,促成美好姻缘的善事。但在我们今天的节目里,一个已过花甲之年的媒人干的却是伤天害理,触犯刑律的坏事。   2016年4月13日,吴起县公安局交警大队马营中队民警在吴起通往甘肃省华池县的公路上对过往车辆例行检查时,一辆悬挂甘M牌照的商务车引起了交警的注意。在拦停这一车辆进行例行检查时,民警发现这辆车里竟然拉了一具女性尸体。   吴起县公安局刑侦大队城区中队中队长高积国:没有棺材,按照咱们当地的风俗习惯应该有棺材,或者有其他亲属在场可以见证,车里面的后座全部卸掉,人直接就躺在一个担架上面,上身盖了一个被面。   感到情况有些异常,执勤交警立即向上级进行了报告。接到报告后,吴起县公安局刑侦大队民警随即赶赴现场进行调查。   吴起县公安局刑侦大队教导员吴旭伯:对马某进行询问的时候,首先从他的表情上来看,感觉他的表情比较紧张,然后对我们所提的问题,在他回答的过程中前后矛盾。   警方了解到,这辆商务车内共有两人,司机杨某受雇于马某,准备将尸体拉运至榆林地区。由于马某对尸体来源闪烁其词,拒不交代,警方随即将车辆及女尸进行了暂扣,并以涉嫌拐卖妇女罪立案侦查。在随后的调查中,马某称所拉女尸是病逝后受家属委托向榆林市的某男子配阴婚的。   审讯中,马某交代,这具女尸是他的亲属,甘肃省庆阳人,名叫刘某某,马某并给办案民警提供了随身携带的刘某某的身份证明。   吴起县公安局刑侦大队副大队长高彦宁:通过马某提供的身份证明,我们赶赴甘肃省庆阳市驿马镇,在驿马镇找到了刘某的母亲。   刘某某的母亲向民警介绍,她确实有一个女儿,患有精神疾病,在今年清明节前被一个姓马的媒人领走,说是介绍对象去了。那么,这具尸体究竟是不是去看对象的刘某某呢民警随即将刘某某的哥哥带到吴起对尸体进行辨认。   吴起县公安局刑侦大队城区中队中队长高积国:通过辨认以后,辨认的结果让我们感到非常意外。   吴起县公安局刑侦大队教导员吴旭伯:他给我们说让他辨认的这具尸体不是他的妹妹。   吴起县公安局刑侦大队副大队长高彦宁:竟然发现这个死者并不是刘某,而是另外一个女子。   马某车内所拉的女尸不是犯罪嫌疑人马某交代的刘某某,那么,真正的刘某某又在何处车内所拉的女性尸体又是谁她是怎么死亡的这一系列的问题摆在了办案民警面前。吴起警方立即成立专案组对这一案件展开侦查,与此同时,法医也对这具尸体做了检验。   吴起县公安局刑事科学技术室民警刘生玉:我们对尸体进行了检验,尸表检验没有发现有明显的外伤,也没有发现窒息征象,但是,我们对尸表进行仔细检查,发现她的臀部有两个类似针眼状的损伤。   那么,这两个针眼状的损伤和死者的死亡到底有什么关系呢嫌疑人马某守口如瓶,民警没有从他口中获得任何有价值的线索。经过分析,办案民警决定从拉运尸体的司机杨某身上寻找突破口,经过讯问,杨某供述出了一条重要线索。   吴起县公安局刑侦大队城区中队中队长高积国:当时杨某给咱们反映,他在短时间内不到十天时间,受雇于一个人,在同一地点,拉了两具尸体。   警方随即带领司机杨某到甘肃省宁县屈家村进行现场辨认,在村里的一孔土窑洞里,警方有了重大发现。   吴起县公安局刑侦大队教导员吴旭伯:我们在窑门口大约一米多的地方发现了玻璃碎片,这个玻璃碎片类似于这个药剂瓶这种东西,然后在土窑洞靠窑掌的地方发现了塑料布,女士的线裤,还有一块比较陈旧的电热毯,据犯罪嫌疑人杨某讲,这个塑料布就是他当时来拉尸体的时候这块塑料布用于掩盖尸体的。   经过对现场仔细勘察,办案民警在一堆砖块里,发现了一个包裹严密的塑料袋。   吴起县公安局刑侦大队教导员吴旭伯:我们把这个打开,打开以后发现裹了几层,在我们打开的过程中,我们就感觉到这里面是不是藏有啥重要的物品,最后打开之后,发现这里面藏的是一根注射器。   注射器、药剂瓶碎片,再加上法医发现的尸体身上的两个针眼状的损伤,让案情似乎逐渐清晰起来,警方研判,这很可能是一起故意杀人案。在杨某辨认现场的同时,专案组民警对嫌疑人马某进行政策攻心,并适时抛出相关证据,犯罪嫌疑人马某的心理防线开始崩溃。   嫌疑人马某:因为刘某及另外那个女人都有精神病,周围也没人要,人死了以后,谁也不知道他们生前有没有病,再说,死人可以卖个好价钱,所以我就给他们打针,将她们弄死,然后就配阴婚。   警方调查得知,犯罪嫌疑人马某今年62岁,甘肃庆阳人。今年2月,他刑满释放后,由于手头拮据,便四处打听智障和患有精神疾病的女性,试图以“介绍对象”收取“彩礼”获利。今年4月初,他付给刘某某家人2000块钱,将刘某某带到宁县屈家村的一孔土窑洞里,对刘某某连续注射了三支致命的针剂,待其死亡后,雇佣杨某驾驶的车辆将尸体拉运至榆林市,经人介绍卖给当地一村民配阴婚,马某获利35000元,介绍人获利5000元。   吴起县公安局刑侦大队副大队长高彦宁:马某把刘某的尸体卖到榆林市神木县的一个乡镇,通过调查,发现孙家岔镇的一个刘姓人家买了给他弟弟配阴婚,确定他们购买的尸体就是马某卖给他们的刘某。   这次配阴婚变卖尸体成功后,犯罪嫌疑人马某又开始继续物色智障女性。今年4月中旬,马某同样以介绍对象为由,从大街上拐骗了甘肃省镇原县中原乡人安某荣,同样,马某将安某荣带到宁县屈家村的那处土窑洞,给其注射致命针剂,待其死亡后,又与榆林人陈某取得联系,准备以42000元将尸体卖出配阴婚。于是,马某再次联系杨某为其运送尸体,没想到车辆行驶到吴起县境内时被公安部门查获,这也就是节目开头时警方所发现的女尸。   连续杀害两名女子,以“配阴婚”的方式来谋取钱财,这手段的确够残忍的,等待犯罪嫌疑人马某的将是法律的严惩。目前,“配阴婚”这一封建恶俗在一些偏远地区仍然盛行,这说明农村精神文明建设有待于进一步加强。因此,当地相关部门不仅要严厉打击这种违法犯罪行为,也要向群众普及科学知识,以从根本上遏制这一传统恶俗。相关的主题文章: