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Foreign media attention in China’s second tier cities high prices: young people helpless to escape in July 21st, people in Anhui, Hefei, a real estate marketing center to understand the sales information. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Duan Photo Reference News Network November 12 news media said, "the new" second tier city, economic status has been highlighted, which will undoubtedly bring greater development space for young people, but it also brings unbearable pressure on house prices. According to Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" in November 11th Chinese citing media reports, during the National Day holiday this year, Anhui high tech Zone, the provincial capital of Hefei City, a real estate opening from the. Originally estimated seven hundred or eight hundred people attended the scene abruptly "stuffed" nearly 2000 people. 20 days later, moved to Anhui province place Yaohao International Convention and Exhibition Center, the scene is more popular. A 30 something guy kept praying to shake on the side of a few young people look nervously said, "I hope not to have Maoerni yaohao". More than and 300 sets of houses shook a total of 38 rounds, an increase of more than two rounds of the original plan to come to an end. A few happy tears, most people disappointed. Most of them, just need young people in Hefei for a long time, and finally only to the sales department in a daze. The "fear of Maoerni" young man, the first round to shake it, choose the first floor, east side, South transparent, very happy. New second tier cities housing prices rose over North Canton reported that the property market in Hefei, the degree of popularity beyond the imagination of local residents. In the past year, the fastest rising prices in the city, not the North Guangzhou Shenzhen and other first tier cities, nor is Hangzhou, Nanjing, the coastal developed areas of the provincial capital cities. Bank Financial Research Center, according to the National Bureau of statistics data estimates, September 2015 ~2016 in September, the highest price increase in the city is Hefei, rose 47%. As the core city of Wanjiang City belt, Hefei is an important base of education and scientific research’s first national science and technology innovation pilot city last year, and upgrade to the Yangtze River Delta city group deputy city center. In some of China’s urban classification list, Hefei is considered to have been among the ranks of second tier cities in 338 prefecture level cities. As a new second tier cities, Hefei’s regional economic status has become increasingly prominent, which undoubtedly brought to the young people greater room for development, but it also brings unbearable pressure on housing prices. In September this year, according to China’s housing market prices released by the provincial capital cities and four municipalities housing price statistics, there are more than 12 cities average price of more than 10000 yuan mark, while the average price in Hefei has risen to $13298 square meters. Reported that just two years ago, the city was once dubbed "the price is acceptable and the cost of living is not high" label, a lot of young people from the "North Canton" escaped, hope too slow life and low cost "". But now the situation seems to have changed a lot, especially for marriage people, they have to face the grim reality of the high prices, re-examine their own planning. Although the "high salary" or can not afford to buy a house after graduating from the University of Zhang Yongpeng came to Hefei, has been working for two and a half years. Choice of Hefei, 7