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Not to eat beans is a waste of   the authority says so to eat the best – Shandong channel — blood red strong heart my strongest self introduction: I have a round body, wearing a red coat, a white cute little mouth. I love female friends, whether it is steaming, boiling, stewing I can play a good advantage. Barley, lotus root, lotus and taro are my good friends. Expert comments: red bean is legume family "color value" is the highest, but also a Neiwaijianxiu "woman". Potassium and dietary fiber in red bean is very rich, is a member of the family of worthy of the name of coarse grains, laxative has certain effect. The swelling diuretic, strong heart blood, everything, with red girls often deal with, can make the skin more and more young. Although the blood is animal food is best, but in plants, red bean is very powerful. Red bean skin is thick, the first "education" a lot before eating, let it remove the dense and solid "armor", the "energy" to show to the public. "Education" is the method of soaking or cooking, let it slightly soft after rice with red beans and rice, red beans are rich in vitamin and mineral nutrients, especially vitamin B, nutritional deficiency is just to make up for the white rice. Or red beans to congee is good ingredients for Steamed Rice or porridge add color at the same time, but also add nutrition. I say: soybean protein number bar self introduction: Yellow plain appearance, my armor is not so thick, get along very well, in the daily basic table can see me, soy stew, bean curd, Soybean Milk pig’s trotters, have my credit, I am proud of me soybeans. Expert comments: soybean is one of the most special legume family, the main advantage of other bean starch, as well as food, and the advantage of soybean protein, with the most high-quality plant protein, with meat traits. Soybean protein content is not only high, but also the appropriate proportion of amino acids. In addition, the lecithin is the important part of the brain cells, brain is the good stuff, that baby’s mother, give the child to eat, are good for children’s brain development, intellectual growth. But in the soybean plant sterols can reduce cholesterol and reduce the incidence of arteriosclerosis. Eat beans the most headache is one of the soybean oligosaccharides and dietary fiber will make people feel bloating, don’t stop farting. The soybean flatulence factor can be removed in the process, in the consumption of soy products before soak for several hours, made Soybean Milk. Or in their household Doufa yellow bean sprouts to eat, can not only solve the problem and flatulence, when food intake to increase vitamin C. Too much trouble, optional Dried tofu tofu, bean products such as food, is also an effective way to obtain the protein and other minerals. If you want to eat whole grain bean stew, put some beans, or do bowl of stewed bean, is very good to eat. Mung bean: heat small expert self introduction: my head is very small, dressed in a green coat, like a small beads, is covered with treasure. "Materia medica of seeking truth is recorded before me:" mung bean sweet and cold, according to the book very words can say good, thick stomach, moisten skin, and viscera and information of spleen and stomach". Expert comments: we often相关的主题文章: